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The “Poker rooms” section of contains extensive and up-to-date reviews of the most famous online poker rooms, each of which is complemented by real user reviews.
Any authorized user of the site can leave a review to the poker room, but before posting a review, be sure to carefully read the following recommendations:
Based only on personal experience

We, like the readers, are only interested in real reviews of the poker room players, which are based on their personal experience. Share in the comments only your own positive or negative observations and impressions of playing in the poker room. It is forbidden to copy user reviews from other sites and forums.

You should not write about what you have heard from other players or read on some forum on the Internet, just as you should not rewrite the review of the poker room in your own words.

Leave your personal opinion, which will reflect the real state of affairs in the poker room and help other players to draw the correct conclusions.

Support your feedback with facts

Feel free to share your honest opinion about the poker room, but try to back it up with additional facts and use more specificity. It will do much more value than short or highly generalized comments like “good room” or “I don't like this poker room”.

Highlight the pros and cons of the poker room

Leaving a review about the poker room, you can indicate its advantages and disadvantages in the corresponding columns. Formulate them briefly and clearly, in a couple of sentences (up to 150 characters). There is no need to write long comments with explanations, it is better to argue the indicated pros and cons of the poker room in the review text.

You can change your mind

We understand that your opinion about some online poker rooms may change over time, both for the better and for the worse. You can leave only one review for one poker room, but you have the opportunity to add information in the comments to the review.

Write relevant reviews and comments

No matter how bright your impression of this or that poker room is, leave a review about it exclusively on the reviews page of this particular poker room. You can compare several poker rooms in a review or it is appropriate to mention one poker room in a review of another, but it is strictly forbidden to write a review about one poker room on the reviews page of other poker rooms or spam the same type of messages in the comments.

Don't confuse reviews with complaints and questions

We fully understand that having a problem with a poker room now or in the past can and is likely to seriously affect your comment and rating of the online room. It is okay to share your negative experiences with a poker room or poker network if you do it correctly and reasonably enough.

At the same time, the poker room reviews page is not a place for scandals or endless discussions. If you have a problem, complaint or question regarding registration and playing in the poker room, you can add information about this to the review, but we also recommend leaving your nickname or user ID in the special review column and/or write to us in the chat. Then you do not just express your opinion, but also receive an answer and help from the official representative of the poker room or our website.

Please note that previously we did not have an online chat or functionality to leave a comment, so similar errors may occur in earlier reviews.

Reviews from real players only

We need honest and unbiased reviews of poker rooms. This also means that if you are a poker room representative, employee or friend/relative of the poker room manager, you cannot leave reviews on your brand page here. It is also prohibited to motivate people to receive additional benefits for writing a review for your poker room or for poker rooms of competitors. does not accept fake and/or paid reviews. Users caught in this will be banned on the site for violating the rules for posting reviews to poker rooms, and their reviews will be removed.

Please note that the official representatives of the poker rooms have the right to leave comments on user reviews within their authority.

Be careful and respect your privacy

Remember that all user reviews and comments are public and visible to everyone who views our site. Please do not share your or someone else's confidential personal information when posting a comment. Do not post your full names, address, mail, credit card numbers, or any other information that could compromise your privacy.

You can leave the username or ID from your account in the special review column, there they will be seen only by the administration of the website and the official representative of the poker room, it will not be available to other users of the site.

Write correctly and competently

Please pay attention to the design of your reviews and comments. We don't expect you to follow the rules of the English language perfectly, but try to use basic rules of spelling and punctuation. This will make your feedback as effective and understandable as possible for other players.

If you need to emphasize something, do not use Caps Lock – it is better to highlight important points in bold, italic or underline them.

Avoid offensive, threatening, or any other form of expression that could be viewed as verbal aggression. This violates community guidelines and may result in your account being blocked.