Russell Crowe will play in the new Hollywood thriller "Poker Face"

Role in the new Hollywood thriller "Poker Face"

​The days of the former poker glory are over. Nowadays, there aren't that many American directors who make poker movies.

Nevertheless, the American director Gary Fleder (who is also the producer and screenwriter) has decided to present the poker community a new film "Poker Face". The plot of this movie will base on the poker game. Moreover, the very famous and beloved actor Russell Crowe will play the main role.

More recently, Russell has finished filming the role of upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”, and almost immediately he started to work on “Poker Face”. The famous actress Natalie Portman will also star in this film.

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As for Crowe’s role, the journalists found out some details. Russell will play a billionaire from Miami who will host a private poker tournament at his home. As the story progresses, it turns out that one of the invited guests is a personal enemy of the main hero and the poker tournament is only a motive for revenge.

Most likely, we won’t see a lot of poker game in this film, but it can play a significant role in poker popularization, since the world stars are involved in it. It should be expected that movie will cover the psychological aspects of game.

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