SCOOP 2020: Rolle will play at the final table of the Main Event for $10 300

SCOOP 2020

The final table of the SCOOP 2020 Main Event for $10 300 has been formed, and famous poker player Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle is among the finalists. But, before we proceed to talk about him and other FT participants in detail, let’s first remind ourselves of the events of the previous day.

Lex Veldhuis’ record

PokerStars Ambassador and popular poker streamer Lex Veldhuis also tried to get to the final table of the Main Event, but failed to reach this goal and eliminated from the event on the 15th place. The guy was streaming his play in top 40 on Twitch, and that night, Lex set a new record for the number of viewers in poker live streams, as 58 500 people were watching him performing in the given tournament.

Lex Veldhuis 2020

Interestingly, Veldhuis knocked out his workmate – poker streamer Ben "Spraggy" Sprag.

The flop was 5-4-6, and both poker players went all-in: Ben had 10-6, and Lex had pocket aces. Lex was upset with the fact that he had knocked Ben out of the game and said that it had been the worst feeling that he had ever experienced after winning a hand.

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Participants of the ME SCOOP 2020 final table

Nine poker players will traditionally fight at the final table of the SCOOP 2020 Main Event, and each of them is a strong rival:

  1. Pieter "XMorphineX" Aerts is a regular poker player from Belgium, and he is the current chip leader of the final table. Over the past year and a half, he has won around $750 000 in PokerStars tournaments.
  2. Daniel "Oxota" Dvoress is a super high roller from Canada. Throughout his career, Dvoress has earned $15 000 000 in live poker events. The guy is in the top 5 most profitable poker players in his country.
  3. Pablo "pabritz" Brito is a regular MTT player from Brazil. Throughout all time of playing on Stars, the guy has earned more than $800 000.
  4. Michael "imluckbox" Addamo is a super high roller from Australia. The guy is the WSOP bracelet holder and takes the 3rd place on the list of the most profitable players in Australia.
  5. Benjamin "bencb789" Rolle is, perhaps, the strongest participant of this final table. He is a poker coach and one of the most famous MTT regulars in the world. Rolle is also a multiple champion of various poker tournaments.
  6. Alexgir is a poker player from Belarus. The guy currently takes the 6th place in the chip count of the Main Event SCOOP 2020, but everything can change. As for Alexgir recent results at PokerStars, it is worth noting his victory in the $10 300 high roller tournament, for which he received $215 000 in prize money.
  7. Max "goodeh99" Silver is a British regular player, another WSOP bracelet holder and the EPT Barcelona 2018 champion.
  8. Alex "dynoalot" Difelice is a Canadian regular player. For all the time of playing PokerStars tournaments, he has earned more than $1 000 000 in prize money.
  9. EEE27 is a regular player of expensive PLO games from Finland. He systematically gets into the ITM zone of large tournaments.

This is just brief information on the Main Event SCOOP 2020 finalists. It can take us hours to talk about them, but it’s best to watch them playing today at 6:00 pm (UTC) in the PokerStars lobby. Let the strongest player win!

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