Sean Perry's Refusal to Chop Leads to $710,000 Missed Opportunity in Circa Survivor

Poker player Sean Perry

The famous American poker player Sean Perry, who has eight victories in the PokerGO Tour series, took part in the annual competition for predicting the results of NFL games – Circa Survivor. The cost of participation in this competition is $1,000 and this year, 9,267 applications were submitted to the tournament. Thus, the winner is to receive an enormous prize of $9,267,000.

What is Circa Survivor?
What is Circa Survivor?

According to the rules of the competition, players choose one team every week that is definitely undefeated in the American football competition. They can only select each team once. When players choose the losing team, the competition is over for them. The competition continues until the last player remains – the Survivor.

The American football season is now 15 out of 17 game rounds, leaving only 13 players in Circa Survivor. Among them was Sean Perry. Before the start of the game week, the remaining players in the tournament tried to agree on an equal distribution of the prize fund. Thus, each of them would guarantee a payment of $712,846, but for the deal to go through, absolutely all participants had to agree.

And it was Sean Perry who decided to opt out of the prize pool deal. He believed that the team he is betting on in this round – the Denver Broncos – is an absolute favorite and he will easily move on to another round. But Denver unexpectedly lost in the final minutes of the match, and Perry was eliminated from Circa Survivor with a score of zero.

Now there are only 4 participants left in the competition and if they manage to make a deal this time, each will receive $2,316,750.

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