Sean Winter wins the final U.S. Open tourney

Sean Winter 2021

The U.S. Open organizers held all the scheduled tournaments. Buy-in to the 12th (and last) event was $50 000, and the participants fought for their share of a $2 100 000 prize pool. Most of the money went to the tournament winner – Sean Winter.

In heads-up, Sean beat the famous high roller Stephen Chidwick and received $756 000 for first place. Unfortunately for Sean, the victory did not help him top the series leaderboard. David Peters was the lucky one to clinch the Golden Eagle trophy. 

With fairly equal stacks, it took one huge pot to turn the tide in Winter's favour. Both players had pretty mediocre hands: Chidwick raised to 200 000 from the button holding Q4, and Winter called with 106s.

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The flop brought J-6-2, and Winter check-called 375 000. On the turn, Chidwick hit top pair thanks to Q appeared on the board, and Winter check-called another 900 000. On the river, Winter hit two pair, as 10 showed up on the table. The guy decided to play check for the third time. Chidwick glanced at his chips before moving all-in, and Winter bet for 2.5 million, following which the outcome of that confrontation was determined.

It’s worth noting that the final table also featured Jason Koon and Sam Soverel. Sam limited himself to fifth place, while Koon left the tournament one step before the heads-up. For third place, Jason earned $336 000.

USPO Event #12: $50K NLHE Final Table Results

  1. Sean Winter (USA) – $756 000
  2. Stephen Chidwick (UK) – $504 000
  3. Jason Koon (USA) – $336 000
  4. Jonathan Little (USA) – $231 000
  5. Sam Soverel (USA) – $168 000
  6. Bill Klein (USA) – $105 000
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