Sharkscope Poker App Review


Sharkscope is an all-in-one database that provides information on the results of online poker matches. 

It is compatible with most popular online poker sites but is independent of them, so the statistics are accurate and truthful. 

The app allows you to learn more about your opponent so that you can choose the best strategy. 

We tell you how it works, what stats are available in it, how to hide your information, and how much the subscription costs.


What Does Sharkscope Offer?

The service retrieves stats from most poker networks, including:

Some providers intentionally block Sharkscope in their tournaments, minimizing outside interference. However, experienced players collect statistics on these sites as well. To do this, they run the program from another account or activate it only after the end of the match. We recommend that you carefully study the rules of the site before using it to minimize the risk of being banned.

Sharkscope Poker supports most types of poker matches. These include single-table SnG and multi-table MTT, Texas Holdem, and Omaha poker. The exception is cash games, which are not available in the app. The database has been kept since 2006, although it does not guarantee the completeness of information — statistics can be blocked and reset at the user's request.

How to Find Your Opponent in the Program

The process is as simple as possible — you spend from a few seconds to a couple of minutes even in the basic version. But we like the advanced Shark Scope subscription more, which allows you to automate it so you don't get distracted by the cards. 

To get all the information you need, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1
Step 1

Open the service's website, launch the desktop program, or turn on the mobile app.

Step 2
Step 2

Find the line "Player search" and enter the nickname of your opponent in it.

SharkScope site

Step 3
Step 3

If there are many people with similar names registered in the system, select the desired one from the drop-down list.

Step 4
Step 4

Wait for the database to load the information — the time of issue will depend on the current load on the service.

We should remind you that Sharkscope only collects statistics of game results. This means that the focus of the app is on long-term profitability or unprofitability rather than playing style. By opening the stats section, we were able to unload the following stats:

  • Match results categorized by dates, months, bets, and game types;
  • Historical profit data;
  • Final positions, including for the final table;
  • Profitable and unprofitable days;
  • Winning and losing streaks;
  • The percentage of frequently beaten fields;
  • Return on investment or win rate (ROI).

Sharkscope stats

In our games, we often focus on the Sharkscope Ability characteristic. This is an integral indicator that characterizes the player's skill. All the values mentioned above are used for its calculation. It varies from 0 to 100. A level of less than 60 means that you are facing an opponent who plays for fun, from 60 to 80 — a player of average level, 80-90 — a pro, over 90 — a champion who has a high chance of winning international tournaments.

Sharkscope provides statistics in the form of tables or graphs. The former ones give us more detailed information about all the games of the opponent, while the latter ones help us to evaluate their skills in a matter of seconds.

Limitations of Sharkscope Service

We have already mentioned above that statistics can be incomplete — data can be deleted or reset at the user's request. Fortunately, this does not happen very often — this feature is available only to paid subscription owners. In reality, only a few players use it.

If you are not satisfied with your statistics in Sharkscope, you can reset them or stop collecting data altogether. To do this, select the appropriate item in the menu and submit a request. You will need to specify:

  • email
  • poker network address
  • player nickname
  • reset date (for resetting only)

The downside of Shark Scope is that you will have to repeat this procedure for each game room separately. However, the result is guaranteed. After our team conducted the test, the data was completely removed from the database — it was inaccessible even to us.

The Cost to Subscribe to the Service

The basic version of the application is available for free. It allows you to view the data of 5 players per day and provides limited functionality. For example, the free Sharkscope lacks filters for results by game type and dates, ROI, and streaks. In addition, you can't lock and reset personal stats.

So we were more interested in paid subscriptions. We considered the following options:

  • Bronze – $6 per month – 10 searches per day and all possible features;
  • Silver – $12 per month – 150 searches per day and a HUD to automatically display player rankings in the room;
  • Gold – $26 per month – 1,000 searches per day, hand history tracking, and detailed guides.

SharkScope price

You can buy a separate Sharkscope HandTracker app for $99. It contains the maximum subscription features, to which error detection tools and custom charts are added.

Overall Assessment of Sharkscope

The app will be of particular interest to those new to sports poker and those who prefer quick matches. Sharkscope allows you to instantly assess the level of your opponents and analyze their stats in detail after the game is over. Among its pros are a large number of useful features, the possibility of resetting the information, and the availability of a desktop and mobile client. The downsides are the lack of cache games and the difficulty of blocking statistics.

📊 How to open statistics on Sharkscope?

In order for your statistics to be in the public domain, you need to go to the tab “On / Off for statistics publicity” and fill out the form: choose a poker network, enter your email and your nickname, and then confirm the application. You will receive an email with a link to complete your request and further instructions.

💸 How to access the Shark Scope service for free?

You can use the service for free from the official website, although you will only have access to 5 nickname searches per day.

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