Short Deck Rules (Hold'em 6+) on GGPoker

Holdem 6 plus rules on GGPoker

6+ Short Deck Hold'em, or as it is also called Short Deck, is becoming an increasingly popular discipline among poker players.

Most of the top poker rooms have had this game format for a long time. This format captivates, first of all, by the fact that Hold'em 6+ has not been sufficiently studied yet. There is practically no educational literature and auxiliary software on short deck.

Also, due to the fact that in this game all cards up to sixes are removed from the deck, there is a lot of action in the game with a much larger number of possible outcomes of the poker hand. Hold'em 6+ and Short Deck are synonyms in this game.

Nevertheless, many poker players trying this new format for themselves do not always carefully read the rules of the game, which is why they have a lot of questions and negative reactions when the hand comes to showdown.

First of all, such questions arise among the players of the top poker room GGPoker. Poker ShortDeck GGPoker has standard Hold'em 6+ rules:

  • All cards below six are removed from the deck;
  • Flush is higher than Full House;
  • In 6+ Hold'em there can be an Ace Straight: A-6-7-8-9.

The game also lacks the Button and Small Blind positions, and players pay an Ante on every hand. These rules make the game much more dynamic by forcing players to play weak hands much more often.

A possible Ace straight makes your Ax hands (in this case, x can be 6 to 9) more playable. However, keep in mind that A-6-7-8-9 is a low straight and if your opponent has, for example, 10-9 on a 6-7-8 flop, then your A-9 will not bring you the long-awaited victory.

Accordingly, the standard ShortDeck starting hand charts will differ from the original No Limit Hold'em charts. Also, the charts vary depending on the type of ShortDeck (Hold'em 6+ or Triton Holdem).

Please note that in 6+ Hold'em at GGPoker and 6+ Hold'em at PokerStars, the Straight combination is still higher than Set, this format is also called Triton Holdem.

In the rest of the poker rooms in Hold'em 6+ format, the Set combination is higher than the Straight combination.

Pros and cons of playing ShortDeck at GGPoker:

  • Lots of action during the game;
  • Many weak players (due to insufficient knowledge of this format);
  • Special daily leaderboards with a prize pool of $5 000 for the best players;
  • Players with special software will not be able to use it for analyzing after playing 6+ Hold'em;
  • Many options for the outcome of the hand at showdown;
  • Lack of educational literature on this discipline.

Some well-known poker players have already called Short Deck "the future of online poker". Despite the small amount of educational literature on Hold'em 6+, on our website in the Poker School section you can find a basic strategy for playing Hold'em with a short deck.

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