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Should you share your poker goals?

recently watched a Ted Talk which I used in one of my English classes, completed unrelated to poker, and yet very transferable an idea to how to approach your own methods of successful gambling.  Oh yeah, in my book, Poker is deifiniteky gambling.  Period :)

Derek Sivers 'Keep your goals to yourself'

Sure.  He looks a bit like me, bald as a new egg, but what a speaker!!  


In this Ted Talk Derek Sivers says it is better to keep goals secret.  Our first instinct is always to tell someone about our brilliant new life plan or goal.  He presents research as far back a souvenir the 1920s to show why people who talk about their ambitions might be less likely to achieve them.

This post is a bit contradicted of me as I'm always making posts about my goals and ambitions when it comes to No Limit Hold'em poker.  However, I think it is a point worth considering because as Derek Sivers says in his Ted Talk video if you tell others about what you are planning to do and it is acknowledged by others before the work is done, it can actually strip you of the desire to actually get started.  Tricking your Mind into thinking it has already succeeded.  In the video he talks about an experiment done with some volunteers who proved this theory.  

If you tell people a great idea you have like earning a certain amount from gambling in a month you are actually less likely to achieve it as someone may praise you for the idea and the mind says 'great! I've already done it now!'  So for the most part it might be quite a good idea to keep goals to yourself and then talk about them once they've been achieved - this will give you a greater chance of getting the job done.

'Every time you have a goal there are some steps that need to be done, some work that needs to be done in order to achieve it.'

Stay motivated by keeping silent.  When it came to quitting alcohol it definitely worked for me!  I left Facebook, and all social media platform, and perhaps only told two people over the course of the first year.  Now it's not even an issue.   So next time I'm tempted to tell someone my goal...what will I say....definitely NOTHING!!



1. Say you are in the big blind with A ♥️ J ♥️.  Five loose players, including the small blind, limp in. Should you raise or check?

2. Does keeping the pot small before the flop cause your opponents to make more mistakes?

3.  If so, why is it correct to raise?

4.  Is just checking with A ♥️ J ♥️ an acceptable alternative?

5.  Since you must usually catch an A or a king to win, should you usually just call with ace-king in a multi way pot?


1. Raise

2. Yes

3. Because your opponents have already made a mistake by entering the pot.

4. No.  It is far too strong.

5. No.  It has a significant pot equity edge.

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1 - Always raise 2 - Depends on the opp 3 - I don't get this one 4 - when on the BB I can check this hand if one raise and no calls. 5 - Only when playing satelite and close to bubble. 90% it's an all-in hand for me)

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