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Ever freaked yourself out for no reason by watching a scary movie?  Well I did when I watched the ‘Shallows’ featuring the ridiculously attractive Blake Lively and a very very big Great White Shark!

Fortunately for me I didn’t meet any ‘sharks’ on the 0.05c/0.10c $10 max buy in micro stakes table on Pokerstars tonight as I cashed in some good earnings.  Sadly my working schedule is very busy again at this moment so I will only be able to dedicate around five hours per week playing poker, so I will need to make every minute count, and in a quick session this is exactly what I did.  I nearly played a game this morning before work, but for some reason I didn’t feel too confident, so decided to catch up on some re-reading of micro stakes Small stakes Hold’em by Sklansky and Malmuth (officially my favorite poker book of 2020 and 2021).


I really felt like I had the bit between the teeth playing tonight and the results came my way.  My hand of the session was when I held AA and flopped a set on the following flop;

It was strange, I decided to bet on the flop into my opponent for around 60c.  He raised me and I re-raised, which he called.  The turn came the K of ♠️ and I checked as it made my full house.  The only hand that could have beaten me was the cowboys for quad kings.  I bet $4 on the river and my opponent just called!! Holding AK for another full house!!  I asked him, how can you just call with the full house? Well played sir.

My other winning hands included calling down an obvious bluff with 1010 after I had been betting aggressively up till the river.

My pair of sixes flopped a set and I was up against an aggressive opponent.  Should I have just called his three dollar bet on the turn, instead of raising him? Perhaps...perhaps...

I called a small pre flop bet from early position with JK clubs and my opponent went all in on the flop when I check raised him.  I called his all in and prayed for luck...

Despite winning a good amount of money in a short space of time, I think I could have played better with my tens and set of sixes.  So the conclusion is, is that I still have a lot to learn!  Keep reading.


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