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Sit and Go games

What is sit and go poker and how to play it? Many novice players may be unaware of this type of poker. Sit & Go tournaments are regarded as the most common ones in poker. Each player pays an entry fee for participation in the event. Prize pool consists of entry fees, which all participants pay in the same amount. The goal of SNGs is to obtain all the chips from all rivals. The player who loses all his chips leaves the tournament. The remaining 2-3 participants are awarded the prize money.

To have stable income from the tournaments, it is necessary to understand sit and go poker strategy. Sit & Go correct play depends on the number of your chips versus the size of blinds. Therefore, at the beginning of each hand, you should compare the size of your stack and blinds.

The essence of sit-n-go strategy is to play very strong holdings with a deep stack (over 12BB). If you have medium or small stack (less than 12BB), then the hand range increases. Here you need to play as aggressively as possible and intimidate your rivals with the frequent shoves. Since many are afraid of being knocked out of event, they prefer to fold to such sharp bets. Thus, you can quickly increase your stack.

The differences in the speed of holding of SnG competitions are considered a special feature:

  • Normal
  • Turbo
  • Hyper turbo

Sit and Go strategies with deep and small stack

Sit and Go strategy

Game strategy with a deep stack on preflop

You should defend large stack and avoid the risk. Before making a bet on preflop, it is recommended to carefully analyze the strength of your starting holding and position. Any action according to sng strategy should only be done after the deep analysis of situation. Here are some general recommendations for play on preflop:

  • If you are dealt monster hands, then sit and go tournament strategy should be as aggressive as possible. These hands include ace+ace, king+king and queen+queen. It is recommended to make a big raise and get ready to shove to any raise.
  • The hands of medium strength (pocket jacks, tens, nines or eights) imply raise only if your rivals have called the minimum bet. When facing re-raise, you should fold a middle combo.
  • Any other holdings with a large stack are recommended to fold. If you are on BB and the bets haven't been raised, then you are able to make a check. Try not to overestimate the hands such as AQ, KQ, JK, etc. These pocket cards will only slightly reduce your stack.

If you decide to raise with a worthwhile hand, always increase your minimum bet 3 times. If your rival is the first to raise, multiply his bet by three times and make a re-raise.

Sit n Go strategy

Sit n Go strategy on the flop, turn and river

Sitngo strategy on the postflop is slightly different. On the flop, you are able to see not only your two cards, but also three community cards. In addition, you have to open two more community cards of the turn and river and make a decision at each stage. Here are the tips for these stages:

  • Evaluate your combination. You can have a strong combo such as straight, top-pair, two pairs, or a set. With such hands, you can confidently play and bet. If you hit a straight draw or flush draw, don’t fold your holding, as there is a chance to improve this hand. If you missed the flop, then fold your holdings.
  • Estimate the likelihood of improvement. On postflop, you don’t have a precise idea of ​​the winning combo. Your top-pair can always be weakened by the new cards of turn and river. Therefore, you should try to knock out your rivals and prevent them from improving their holdings.

Some rules for SnG strategy with a large stack

  • With top pair or any high hand, you should bet on all betting rounds. Never call or check! Make a threefold re-raise to any raise.
  • If you hit a strong straight-draw or flush-draw, make a raise on the flop and turn. If you don't hit a ready hand on the river, then check or fold. Don't bluff all the way with an air. According to sng strategy, it is recommended to chase for a draw-combo only if there are 8 or more outs for the victory.
  • If you find yourself with an air or weak pair, make a check and don’t be active. Fold to any raise without risking your chips.

Sit and Go strategy for middle and small stack

SnG strategy

Your play on preflop

Here, you need to play more actively and aggressively. You can consider a larger range of hands to enter the game on postflop. It's better to shove or fold your hand on preflop. Small stack makes it difficult to call the bet and see the flop, as this is accompanied by the great risk.

Some rules for sit and go tournament strategy with a small stack on preflop:

  • You can shove with any pocket pair from two to ace if 3-4 players have folded to you.
  • You can shove in the late position with any ace or king and the second middle card.
  • If the rivals folded to you, go all-in with any suited connectors.
  • With a small garbage, it is recommended to fold in the early and middle position.

Strategy on postflop

sit n go strategy on the flop, turn and river is not considered, since the correct option with a short stack is all-in on preflop when occasion offers.


Aggressive, clearly defined and well-coordinated play is the very same sit and go poker strategy that leads to the coveted prize. During the play, you should set in motion all the accumulated information. It is important to dispose of it skillfully.

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