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Slang of Texas Hold'em. Part 16 - 44 - Part 1

Hi, Guys!

I missed one hand yesterday. So let's return and look at hand 44. This hand has a lot of nicknames, so let's divide this part into two.

1. Sailboats

Fours look like sailboats)))

2. Obama

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA. By the way, I read the book Becoming by Michelle Obama and I have book The Bridge by David Remnick about Barack Obama.

3. Diana Dors

Diana Dors was an English film and television actress and singer. Nickname relates to her top measurement.

4. Magnum

The .44 Magnum has the .44 caliber designation.

5. Midlife Crisis

Approximate age at which the midlife crisis occurs.

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44 good hand🤙

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