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Slang of Texas Hold'em. Part 21 - KJ - Part 1

Hi, Guys!

The KJ hand has many nicknames, so let's look at the first 5 of them today.

1. Bachelor's hand (offsuit)

I have nothing to say here, except to give a phrase that explains this nickname: "Jack-King-Off". If you know what this is about.

2. Bill Fillmaff (offsuit)

The "signature hand" of "Bill Fillmaff", a character parodying poker professionals in general and Phil Hellmuth in particular, portrayed by Internet personality Kevin Bowen.

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter was written by J.K. Rowling.

4. Just kidding

It's Backronym of JK, from the textspeak "j/k"

5. Joking

'Jo' referring to the Jack; in textspeak, "j/k" is a pseudo-emoticon meaning "joking" or "just kidding"

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