SNAP: fast poker on 888

SNAP: fast poker on 888

SNAP Poker on 888 is a fast poker game in which you can play your hand as usual, or fold it at any time and right after that enter a new hand. Thus, you don’t have to wait while others are playing. Time to wait for the next hand is minimized and as a result, you can play much faster without spending a minute of your precious time. It’s an exciting format for cash and tournament players.

You can play at the SNAP tables online (through the browser), in a desktop client of the poker room, as well as via mobile application. Action at the tables is present at any time of the day. You can play with a large pool of players simultaneously while being conditionally at the same table.

SNAP Poker 888: rules and features of the game

Rules for playing SNAP on 888 are very simple. You take part in the discipline you chose (cash or tournament, Hold'em or Omaha) according to the standard rules, just with a number of features of “quick fold” or as it is also called “snap-fold”.

With the help of this feature, you may fold the hand before the action reaches you and then, you’ll be automatically transferred to a new table. Your opponents find out that you have sent the cards into the muck only when the action gets to you. You do not need to wait until other players at the table make their decision if you’ve decided to fold the hand at some point of the game.

SNAP 888poker analogs are ZOOM PokerStars, Rush FullTilt, Speed Holdem on iPoker, Fast Poker from Unibet, RedKings Strobe Poker and Boost on PokerDom.

How to find SNAP Poker in the 888 lobby

Fast poker format tables are not difficult to find on 888poker, as they are always displayed in the lobby.

SNAP in a browser:

SNAP in a browser:

SNAP in 888 desktop client:

SNAP in 888 desktop client

SNAP in the mobile app:

SNAP in the mobile app

With the help of the filters (at the bottom of the lobby in the desktop client and in the browser or in the upper left corner of the mobile app), you can choose the fast poker format that is convenient for you.

How to play SNAP 888

Game table in SNAP poker is as follows:

How to play SNAP 888

By playing fast poker, you can make a fold, but continue watching the hand (1), make a quick fold (2), call the bet (3), or raise it (4).

For speed and convenience, you may use “hotkeys” (on the keyboard) that are set in a standard way:

  • F5 - fast fold / fold;
  • F6 - call;
  • F7 – make a bet.

You are able to play at the multiple 888 Poker SNAP tables simultaneously.

“Fold and watch” option.

Despite the essence of fast poker is to not play the hands you are not interested in, you can still watch one or another hand you are not going to play. To do this, there is "Fold and watch" button which is depicted in the form of a round eye and it is located on the left of the quick fold button.

You can watch the hand that you don’t play both in cash games and SNAP tournaments, but it’s possible to do just for one hand (if the hand is not over, and you click the “Fold and watch” button again, the previous window will close). At the same time, a window with a new hand will open in front of you.

You can also view the previous hand by using the standard button in the upper left corner (it’s in the form of a back arrow):

view the previous hand 888

How to leave the table

In fast poker, every time you fold, you are dealt new cards, therefore if you want to leave the game, tick the box in the lower left corner near the “Out of the game” or “Skip the next BB” (if you want to play a circle until the next big blind).

The same functions (but for all open SNAP tables at once) can be selected by pressing the button in the form of three luminous points in a row which is located in the upper left corner of the table.

If the first (green) button is lighted up, then you are in the game, and if the third (red) button is lit up – it means that you will miss the next hand or the next BB at all tables.

How to leave the table 888

888 fast poker types

888 poker offers the fast game for both Texas Hold'em and Omaha, for cash and tournament lovers, for short and full tables as well as for micro-limit and high-limit players.

You may find out more details about 888 fast poker types by dividing them into categories depending on different criteria.

By the types, SNAP is divided into:

  • cash tables;
  • tournaments.

Depending on the game type:

  • Hold'em 
  • Omaha (the games are highlighted in blue).

By limits:

  • micro;
  • low;
  • medium;
  • high.

Among tournaments, you can choose no-limit and pot-limit competitions or a game with fixed limits.

Depending on the number of players at the table:

  • 3-6;
  • 7-10.

SNAP Tournaments

SNAP Tournaments 888

These tournaments are held according to the rules of the game in the format of the SNAP-poker, which means you can wait until the action reaches you and play the hand as usual or make a fold without waiting for your turn.

Hand-for-hand mode is being enabled on pop-ups and at the final table during the game.

The final table game is held in the standard format of a single-table tournament in which hands are played in turns.

The action in such tournaments is fast and energetic. At each level of the blinds more hands are played than in regular tournaments, and you can significantly increase your stack.

However, choosing tournaments in the format of fast poker you will not be able to collect statistics on players, it will be harder for you to make notes on them, and it will be very uncomfortable to play several tables at the same time.

SNAP Push or Fold

In 888 fast poker, there is a format that deserves special attention - it is SNAP Push or Fold. It implies to 6-max Texas Hold'em tables of different limits and it is also distinguished by one rule - the maximum buy-in is equal to five blinds. This feature creates a constant action and attracts a lot of fish. You can hardly meet professionals at the push-or-fold tables. If this happens, then in most cases poker pros play just for fun and pleasure.

Playing at the Push or Fold tables of SNAP-poker, it is not necessary to choose between the “fold” and “all-in” buttons. You are also able to raise. But, due to short stacks, it often turns out that if a pair of players enter the game, it usually leads them to all-in.

Main advantages of the SNAP Push or Fold game: there are a lot of fish at these tables and you can quickly clear your bonuses (if you need to quickly generate rake, it’s a good way). But, it is very difficult to play them professionally, especially since there are practically no training materials on this discipline.

SNAP Push or Fold games are highlighted in yellow in the lobby.

888 fast poker features: pros and cons

SNAP tables have a number of features. Each player must decide himself whether they are positive or negative ones.

Firstly, you are not able to choose a table yourself - you are automatically transferred to another table every hand, which means that on the one hand, you do not waste time on the table selecting and you do not stand in line to get to the “fish” table (if there are few such tables), but on the other hand, you will sometimes face strong opponents.

Secondly, SNAP doesn’t allow using programs for collecting statistics such as Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker, so you can’t use the HUD as your advantage. On the other hand, your opponents do not have this very advantage either.

Thirdly, you play more hands without spending time on those hands you are not interested in - and it sounds like a definite plus. On the other hand, this will make it difficult to play at multiple tables, if you prefer multi-tabling.

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