SNG Wizard 2 review

SNG Wizard 2 is a poker tool that will be useful for poker players at the late SNG tournament stages. During these stages, players have no time to sit and wait for the nuts, and instead of it, they should extend their ranges.

Have you ever heard about such a concept as "Push according to Nash"? SNG Wizard will help you to find out when it is profitable to go all-in with a short stack, and when it is profitable to fold the cards or just call the opponent’s bet. In addition to the range, many other factors are taken into account.

If you are a novice player or just want to try your hand at Sit&Go's, then SNG Wizard will quickly turn you into a winning player at low limits. If you are a more skilled player, then the program will help you find and eliminate expensive mistakes that you may not even notice. 

To calculate pot odds and hand equity in regular tournaments, use the poker odds calculator that works online as well.

SNG Wizard uses several models for decision-making: Independent Chip Model (ICM) and Future Game Simulation (FGS). The first one determines a player’s chance of winning based on the player’s stack ratio to the overall remaining players’ stack. The second model is based on the first one but a lot of other important factors are taken into account here:

  • Statistics on your opponents.
  • Your hand, board.
  • Analysis of all hands you've played in the tournament.
  • Your and your opponent's stack size; ratio of the stack to the blinds.
  • Prize pool distribution.
  • Players' positions at the table.
  • Remaining players’ quantity.
  • Your opponents’ perceived hands ranges.
  • Other important factors.

The app automatically downloads Hands History from the poker clients or Holdem Manager 2 and analyzes all necessary information according to ICM (see the “Poker terms dictionary”). The program displays information in the form of tables and diagrams. The calculation is carried out in the split second.

With regular use of the program, your decision-making time will be much reduced. You will be able to play more tournaments simultaneously.

Open the "Tournaments" tab to see the downloaded tournaments you have played.

SNG Wizard 2

When you select any tournament, the Game View window will open with all hands played according to the ICM (push/fold) strategy. The program displays your decisions and shows whether you made correct actions or not. If the hand is controversial, you will see a yellow warning sign opposite it.

SNG Wizard hands

Click on the hand and a new window will open in from of you (Current Hand tab):

SNG Wizard

​The equity from push/fold will be displayed as Suggested Action (shown in the picture above). It tells what particular action will be profitable in a specific situation. The range of hands that you can use to shove is indicated under the Suggested Action.

You have the possibility to change the hand ranges for every opponent:

SNG Wizard range

​Also, it's possible to set the playing style for each of your opponents:

SNG Wizard 2

In addition, you will be able to change your opponent's stack in order to see how the push/fold equity will change.

Quiz Trainer

This powerful instrument will help you improve your decision-making. The program simulates a lot of situations and offers you to choose one of the two options in every situation (Quizess tab). Thus, you can hone your skills and will be able to make decisions independently later on.

Quiz SNG Wizard

​Devote several minutes per day to the training and your play level will increase significantly.

What else you should know about SNG Wizard?

SNG Wizard is the only poker tool that includes possible overcalls during the calculations (other similar programs take into account only variants when your push is called by one opponent).

SNG Wizard 2 can be used in the MTT tournaments. In this case, you should create the template with a prize pool payouts structure and set the tournament’s conditions. The instruction is in the program help. Furthermore, you should tick the box in front of “Chip E.V.” to the final table, and at the final table stage, you should turn on ICM.

ICM in SNG Wizard

Also SNG Wizard 2 has a new equity model developed by Ben Roberts. It can be used as an alternative to usual ICM calculations.

Professional opinion

SNG Wizard 2 is a fantastic tool for learning ICM, reviewing hands, and push/fold situations; therefore, many SnG players take it as a very helpful software to become a winning player. It also helps eliminate leaks (mistakes) in the game so even poker professionals are among those who recommend using this tool.

The great majority of poker players who have chosen sit-and-go tournaments as their main discipline consider Collin Moshman the godfather of Sit&Go strategy as well as one of the most productive poker coaches in the world.

Having a Bachelor Degree (Honours) that he received at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the guy successfully applies his substantial analytical experience at the poker tables.

Collin highly recommends SNG Wizard to all SnG players who are serious about the game because it’s fast and easy. As the program suggests ways to correct your leaks and make right decisions, you can quickly increase your profit and move up to the next level.

Professional opinionCollin Moshman Succesful Sit&Go player, coach and author of poker strategy books

«An excellent ICM-based tool for calculating expected equity for all-in push/fold/call decisions. The highly user-friendly interface allows you to search through your SNGs, automatically displaying hands where alternate decisions would earn you higher profits. Wizard is also the only ICM-based software on the market allowing for crucial resteal calculations, as well as giving equity-maximizing plays even in tricky muliple-opponent situations. Highly recommended for any serious SNG player.»​

Feedback on SNG Wizard 2 (regular players):

“If you are an SNG tournaments fan, then this program is what you need! It is an excellent chance to become a push/fold pro. With its help I often breakdown my play and pass the tests”.

“Thanks for a nice program!!! At the present time, I use it every day on my PC and the quiz is wonderful. I think it is a part of the program that has helped me a lot. (Johan)

SNG Wizard 2 advantages and disadvantages

  • User-friendly interface.
  • It is packed full of useful features to drastically improve your skills.
  • Teaches players to show a nearly perfect SnG game.
  • Quiz mode allows you to practice (and improve) your decision making at the table.
  • The tool is useful for both novice and advanced players.
  • A 30-day free trial that gives you a chance to test the software before making a decision to purchase.
  • Prohibited to be used along with the open poker client.
  • A full range of filters is only available in the HM2 integrated version of Wizard.

SNG Wizard 2 Pricing

The program will cost you $99 (lifetime license). It may seem a pretty big amount for beginners whose bankrolls are small, but the money invested in this software will be well spent. Besides, you receive a lifetime license with the possibility to update it from official servers free of charge.

We invite you to download SNG Wizard 2 for free and test a wide range of functions during a trial period. The trial period is 30 days. With it, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the program and understand whether it is useful for you or not.

Poker rooms supported by SNG Wizard 2

The most important quality of a successful player is knowing how to play during the late stage of a tournament. SNG Wizard 2 helps you learn a near-perfect strategy to apply in the later stages of Sit &Go tournaments. With this software, you will be able to make faster and more reliable decisions, which will increase the frequency of your winnings.

Important! The program is prohibited to be used while the poker client is running. Poker rooms monitor processes on PC, and if they notice that you are using prohibited software, you can be banned.

However, you are able to use SitNGo Wizard 2 after finishing the game session. Make sure you closed the game client before launching the program. Here is the list of the top poker rooms where you can play Sit&Go’s and then review hand histories with SNG Wizard 2:


If you are a fan of Sit & Go’s, then PokerStars will be a perfect choice. The room has lots of SNG tournaments available in different formats (NLH, Limit Holdem, PLO, No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. As far as buy-ins are concerned, you can found tournaments worth $0.02-$100+.

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt is a skin of PokerStars therefore all the rules regarding the use of auxiliary software are the same.


The poker room offers a great selection of Sit & Go tournaments with buy-ins that range from $0 to $55+. These tourneys are also of different speed: standard, turbo, hyper. You can find them in the Sit & Go tab in the PartyPoker lobby.


888poker has a user-friendly interface so that it will not be difficult to find Sit & Go tournaments in the lobby. These can be NLH or PLO tourneys with low ($0.10-$20), medium ($22-$43) and high ($50-$200) buy-ins.

Winamax Poker

In addition to traditional Sit & Go tournaments, Winamax has other variants of this poker format: Double or Nothing, Déglingo, Shootout, Qualifier. If you like to play fast and free, then the poker room has prepared one more option for you, namely Sit & Go Freerolls.

iPoker Network

The iPoker network includes a lot of poker rooms: BestPoker, Titan Poker, Betfair, William Hill, RedStar Poker, and others. All they offer Sit & Go tournaments of different buy-ins – from €0.10 to €30+.

Important! The full list of poker rooms/networks that are supported by SNG Wizard 2 can be found on the official website of the software. You can also contact the Support Service of the poker room you are playing in to clarify whether or not it's compatible with the program. 

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