South Dakota and Maryland to legalize sports betting

USA sports betting 2020

The United States continues to intensify efforts to legalize gambling across the country. This is not surprising because the benefits of tax revenue from gambling are plain to see.

The other day, Maryland and South Dakota residents voted to legalize sports betting within their states.

In South Dakota, 58% of voters supported the position of legalizing betting, while residents of Maryland voted in favor of that initiative by a 2-1 margin.

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The South Dakota Constitution must first be amended to make the legalization of sports betting in the state possible. According to these amendments, residents of South Dakota will be able to place bets only in Deadwood, which means that there is no chance online betting would be allowed in the state in the near future.

As for Maryland, the situation there is somewhat easier. This state lacked only a regulatory framework, therefore no amendments to the constitution have to be made.

In any case, this is only the first stage. The legal framework for the legalization of sports betting will be ready only in the first half of 2021, so operators will be able to launch betting around the end of the same year.

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