"Spade Raders" at PokerStars: over $1 000 000 of prize money

Spade Raders 2020

In June, PokerStars launched a new promotion called “Spade Raiders”. From 8 to 28 June, you can register in promotion and roll the dices in order to win prizes. In total, more than $1 000 000 in prizes will be raffled.

Do you want to join this promo? Then register and win excellent prizes.

How to play in "Spade Ryders"

The registration in promotion is carried out according to PokerStars standard procedure. Follow the step by step instruction:

  1. Enter PokerStars lobby.
  2. Go to "Challenges".
    Spade Raiders
  3. Click "Open".
    Spade Raiders
  4. Click on "Start".
    Spade Raiders
  5. Roll the dice.

Play for real money at PokerStars and get two dices at once in every gift. You should move forward the board on squares and get instant prizes:

  • Spade: move forwards to the next square with spade.
  • Dices: gift with two dices.
  • +11: move forward eleven squares.
  • Gift.

Prizes can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Prize up to $200 in the case of a double on dices (for example two 4s, two 2s).
  • Squares with gifts up to $5 000.
  • $15 000 for completing the game to the finish line.

Register at PokerStars and win good prizes!

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