Spanish player used preflop charts at the final table of PCA 2019

Vicent Bosca

Despite Main Event of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2019 ended several days ago, our editorial team continues to highlight interesting moments from this tournament. Spanish poker player Vicent Bosca, who finished fifth in the Main Event PCA, came into the focus this time.

Attentive viewers who watched the broadcast noticed that Vicent Bosca was looking at pre-flop charts on his mobile phone. According to the rules, it’s prohibited to use phone when the hand is being played. Some finalists of Main Event used their devices between the hands, which is allowed. Pavel Veksler, who finished 4th and made best cash in his poker career that day ($503 000), was one of these poker players. Pavel expressed his opinion about the situation and gave some thoughts on whether it was a positive decision for Vicent Bosca.

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At the final table, Veksler noticed that Vicent was staring at his phone, but he thought Spanish player was reading his friend’s advice. As it turned out from the television broadcast later, Vicent used preflop charts almost before each hand. Pavel believes that Bosca set a bad example for live poker since the fact regulars use charts may scare amateurs away and have a bad effect on the poker ecology. Speaking about Vicent’s game, Pavel said the following:

«For me personally, the fact Vicent played using preflop charts at the final table was beneficial, as it harms player’s concentration and makes it difficult to play well. You have a little time to take a decision, and you still have to check what the chart says. This creates a mess in your head which interferes with playing».

If you’ve got a desire to start learning preflop charts after reading this news, then it’s better to do it on our website than at the final table of a large event:

PCA 2019

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