Special badges now available for cash players on PokerStars

PokerStars 2021

PokerStars has an innovation for cash players. Now there is a special icon next to the nickname of the Stars players. These badges are different depending on how many hands you have played over the entire time.

BadgeNumber of hands played
А-А10 000 000
K-K7 500 000
Q-Q5 000 000
J-J2 500 000
10-101 000 000
9-9500 000
8-8250 000
7-7100 000
6-675 000
5-550 000
4-425 000
3-310 000
2-25 000

You can put yourself any of the icons available to you. For example, you've played 100 000 hands, but you don't like to have sevens. In this case, you can put yourself any badge less than 7-7, but not higher.

Pokerstars table

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Also, if you do not like the new icons, you can remove them in the poker room settings. Has anyone already met players at the tables with the AA badge who have played 10 million hands?

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- normal material
- bad material
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