Special features for final table at GGPoker


Final table is a remarkable achievement for every player that requires a lot of efforts and skill. Such success is an unforgettable experience, and in this regard, GGPoker decided to add some special features for the final table in order to make your play more thrilling and unforgettable.

So hurry up to register at GGPoker, create an account in the room and try your hand at poker tables.

Let's get acquainted with these particularities.

Switch Seats

Such feature allows the player to change his seats prior to the start of final table. This innovation operates in the following way:

  • The player can choose the seat, and then the system will automatically change his seat to the seat of a chosen player.
  • The participants can make decisions for selecting the seats within 30 seconds.
  • If any player has already chosen the seat and you intend to move to his seat – you can do this. However, this option is possible if you select the seat later, than your opponent.
  • The order of seat selection starts with the smallest stacks and it ends with the biggest stacks.
  • Chip leader is eligible to be the last who can switch his seats.
  • If two participants have the same number of chips, then the finalist who managed to register for the tourney first will select the seat last.

Chess Clock

The players, who spend a lot of time for making decisions, are “punished” by the timer. If you take decisions quickly, your promptness will give you chance to get an extra time for thinking in the future streets. This function includes the following things:

  • All finalists are allocated the equal time for decision (for example 15 minutes).
  • When it's your turn to act, the timer starts counting down.
  • If your time is up, you will be granted only five seconds for decision.
  • The time for making decision is calculated by the following formula: {(Total number of chips of all finalists) / (SB + BB + Total ante)} / Number of finalists.
  • Chess Clock varies from 1 to 15 minutes.

Deal Making

This function permits making the deal with the remaining finalists. Its working principle is as follows:

  • You can find the “Deal” button in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, such pop-up as “Deal Agreement” will appear.
  • “Deal Making” will be available after the selection of preferred seat.
  • If you changed your decision after the clicking on “Deal” button, you can cancel this action by pressing on “Cancel Deal Reservation”.
  • In order to complete the deal, all participants should confirm it. After that, the prize fund will be credited.
  • The option of Deal Making should be assented by all participants.
  • Once everyone agrees, then the game will be momentarily interrupted in order to show the amount of prize, according to ICM.
  • The deal can be completed if all participants assent to the distribution of new prizes.


The features are valid for the final tables. It is not available for the satellites, T$ Builder tournaments and free tourneys (freerolls).

In order for these features to be available, you should be aware of some restrictions concerning the number of participants:

  • 30 entries (minimum) are required for 6-max tables.
  • 50 entries (minimum) are required for 9-max tables.

Reach the final table and test the special features from GGPoker. If you still do not have an account, you can safely register at GGPoker and get a favorable first deposit bonus.

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