Spin&Go game strategy


In this article, we will consider a basic game strategy in tournaments with a lottery prize pool and will talk about the tactical features of this discipline with different stacks.

Since Spin & Go or simply "Spins" were launched on PokerStars in October 2014, a lot of players have been able to hit the jackpot that changed their lives.

The maximum multiplier that appears at your table depends on luck but working on the game and learning the format strategy will help you to have a good income even without a top multiplier.

What are Spin&Go tournaments?

The format of the Spin & Go tournaments is similar to a usual Sit & Go but the "spins" are much more attractive to the masses due to a constantly changing prize pool.

Features of the lottery Sit-and-Go tournaments:

  • As a rule, there are 3 players in the game.
  • The starting stacks of players are 25 big blinds.
  • A winner of the tournament takes the whole prize pool.
  • Players who take the second and the third places get a payout only if a multiplier in the tournament is large (x100, x200, x3 000, x10 000) but their prizes are always significantly less than the winner's one.
  • The prize pool appears before the game starts. The deals between players are prohibited.

The most common multiplier in all versions of this format is x2 (the winner gets a doubled buy-in).

In all rooms, which offer the format of lottery tournaments, there are certain differences in the structure of the blinds growth, multipliers and the format. So, for example, in 888 Poker Blast tournaments, players automatically go all-in when a fixed time ends. And, until December 2019, 888 poker Blast were held in 4-max format.

The game skill with a short stack is crucial in a Spin & Go strategy. Waiting for a premium hand and passive playing on the first levels of the blinds is a huge mistake that inexperienced players make in this format.

It is impossible to win by playing tight in Spin & Go

You should understand that there are only 25 big blinds in your stack and the levels are growing every 3 minutes. Therefore, when you wait for a strong starting hand, it may be too late and there will be only 2-3 big blinds in your stack. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to open 100% of your range but a spectrum of your opening has to be wide enough. This is especially related to a button and steals from a small blind.

BTN's opening range in Spin & Go's

Button range in Spin&Go

SB's stealing range in Spin&Go's

Small blind range in Spin&Go

It is notable that the most common and profitable game tactic from the small blind is limping.

Hand Example

Let's consider a hand example for a better understanding of the topic:

BTN: 25 BB

Hero (SB): 25 BB

BB: 25 BB

Preflop:  Hero has  10♦7♣.

BTN fold, Hero calls 0.5 BB, BB checks.

Flop:  2♠ 9♣ 5 ♥

Hero bets 1.2 BB, BB folds.

The tactic of limps (or so-called small-ball) is used by the best players of Spin & Go. It is especially popular in the heads-up stage of tournaments when players have very tiny stacks. With the help of this tactic, a player on the small blind (in heads-up – on the button) can see a flop cheaply and he can even make a profitable bet at any board and take a pot immediately against a passive opponent.

For a better understanding, we suggest that you watch Spin & Go hand history review by Douglas Polk:

5 tips for playing Spin & Go

Let's now discuss five strategy tips to improve your Spin & Go game:

  • Don’t open-raise to 3 big blinds

The raise of 2 big blinds is enough to force your opponent to fold his/her cards.

Like you, your opponent has quite a short stack and his decision will not depend on whether you post 3 or 2 blinds.

If there is no difference, then why pay more? When stealing from the small blind against the big one, you can make a raise of 2.5 BB in order to increase fold-equity a little.

  • Fold against tight players more often

There are still a lot of players in these tournaments who play very tight and make re-steals only with the top of their range.

Tight players

It is profitable for you to open almost 100% of the hands against them and just to take the blinds.

But remember, when they show aggression, you need to muck easily everything that doesn’t reach the top 15% of your range. Such tactics will help you not to pay for their strong hands.

  • Practice in a push-fold game

When 8-9 big blinds are left in your stack, then you cannot use the raise/fold tactic anymore and you definitely cannot play hands postflop. The only possible options for you are push or fold. There are a lot of poker programs on the Internet that will help you to learn the right push-fold strategy.

  • A top-pair (even without a kicker) is always good

Even a medium pair with a good kicker is quite a strong hand in Spin & Go. Now the small-ball tactics, which has been spoken above, enter the game.

You have to use a check/call tactic with medium hands more often in order to catch opponents’ bluffs.

Pocket pairs

The boards like A T 3 or K 9 4 will suit you perfectly for this. Your opponent will not often have hands stronger than your medium pair at such boards.

  • Play your draws aggressively 

If your flop-equity is 30% and more (a flush-draw with a hit, a flush-draw and a gutshot, a straight-draw), then you have to play as aggressively as possible and to put all your chips into a pot as soon as possible.

This tactic will help to maximize your equity and it is a key to a successful Spin & Go game.

Spin &Go discipline is highly dispersive and it requires a substantial approach to bankroll management. In order to find out how many buy-ins you need for a comfortable game, you have to determine your ROI. You can do this after the first thousand of tournaments played.

Until you accumulate a necessary distance for determining your ROI, your bankroll has to contain at least 200 buy-ins for a limit.

You can start with low limits (up to 10$) in order to find out what advantage you have over opponents and what adjustments you need to make on your strategy if you don’t have the advantage. Also, you can approximately determine your ROI at a limit and understand whether you are able to move to a higher limit. Remember that the higher a limit is, the more buy-ins you must have in reserve. This is also related to your ROI:

  • ROI 1-2% - 400-500 buy-ins.
  • ROI from 3% up to 5% - 200 buy-ins.
  • ROI from 5% and higher - 150 buy-ins for a limit will be enough for you.

Your ROI in tournaments depends on how often you are in a prize zone. In spins, this indicator is equal to the number of tournaments you win. After all, only the winner of the tournament gets a payout in most tournaments. Also, a lot depends on a rake, which affects your ROI significantly. For instance, you need to win 35.9% of tournaments in Spin & Go tournaments with a buy-in of 1$ in order to have ROI of about 0%.

Correlation chart of a winning and ROI at different limits

ROIBuy-in 1$
Percent of won tournaments
Buy-in from 2$ to 10$
Percent of won tournaments
Buy-in from 25$
Percent of won tournaments

In order to achieve ROI of 5% at a limit of 5$, you have to win in 37.3% of the played tournaments. The differences in percentages seem absolutely insignificant. If you win 35% of tournaments, then in the best case you will play break-even poker. But if you win in 38% of the games, then you are one of the best Spin & Go players in the world.

Probability of the multipliers in Spin & Go's

In December 2019, PokerStars made changes to the spin-and-go limits. The probability of hitting maximum multipliers and rake in the Spins have also changed.

Probabilities in Spin & Go for 0.25$, 1$ and 2$

Multiplier0,25$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
1$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
2$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
12 0002 500$10 000$20 000$1 in 1 000 000
24050$200$400$30 in 1 000 000
12025$100$200$75 in 1 000 000
256,25$25$50$1 000 in 1 000 000
102,5$10$20$5 000 in 1 000 000
61,5$6$>10$85 000 in 1 000 000
41$4$6$414 012 in 1 000 000
20,5$2$4$494 882 in 1 000 000

Probabilities in Spin&Go for 5$ and 10$

Multiplier5$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
10$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
12 00050 000$100 000$1 in 1 000 000
2401 000$2 000$30 in 1 000 000
120500$1 000$75 in 1 000 000
25125$250$1 000 in 1 000 000
1050$100$5 000 in 1 000 000
625$50$75 000 in 1 000 000
415$30$444 012 in 1 000 000
210$20$464 882 in 1 000 000

Probabilities in Spin&Go for 25$ and 50$

Multiplier25$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
50$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
12 000250 000$500 000$1 in 1 000 000
2405 000$10 000$30 in 1 000 000
1202 500$5 000$75 in 1 000 000
25625$1 250$1 000 in 1 000 000
10250$500$5 000 in 1 000 000
6150$300$85 000 in 1 000 000
4100$200$474 012 in 1 000 000
250$100$434 882 in 1 000 000

Probabilities in Spin&Go for 100$

Multiplier100$ Spin&Go
1st place prize
12 0001 000 000$1 in 1 000 000
24020 000$30 in 1 000 000
12010 000$75 in 1 000 000
252 500$1 000 in 1 000 000
101 000$5 000 in 1 000 000
6600$85 000 in 1 000 000
4400$504 012 in 1 000 000
2200$404 882 in 1 000 000

Probabilities in Spin&Go for 250$

Multiplier250$ Spin & Go
1st place prize
4 8001 000 000$1 in 1 000 000
24050 000$30 in 1 000 000
12025 000$75 in 1 000 000
256 250$1 000 in 1 000 000
102 500$5 000 in 1 000 000
61 500$85 000 in 1 000 000
41 000$511 212 in 1 000 000
2500$397 682 in 1 000 000

Probabilities in Spin&Go for 500$

Multiplier500$ Spin & Go
1st place prize
2 4001 000 000$1 in 1 000 000
240100 000$30 in 1 000 000
12050 000$75 in 1 000 000
2512 500$1 000 in 1 000 000
105 000$5 000 in 1 000 000
63 000$85 000 in 1 000 000
42 000$513 612 in 1 000 000
21 000$395 282 in 1 000 000

Probabilities in Spin&Go for 1000$

Multiplier1000$ Spin & Go
1st place prize
1 2001 000 000$1 in 1 000 000
240200 000$30 in 1 000 000
120100 000$75 in 1 000 000
2525 000$1 000 in 1 000 000
1010 000$5 000 in 1 000 000
66 000$85 000 in 1 000 000
44 000$514 812 in 1 000 000
22 000$394 082 з 1 000 000

The rake in the Spins at PokerStars is 8% at the limits of $0.25, $1 and $2, 7% at the limits of $5, $10; 6% for $25, $50 and 5% on limits from $100 ($250, $500, $1 000).

In the autumn of 2019, PokerStars added Spin & Go Flash to the game lobby.

Since December 2019, the structure of blind growth has changed in the Spins and now it depends on multipliers. If you got the minimum multiplier (x2), the levels will increase every 2 minutes; with the x3-x5 multiplier – every 3 minutes; with x10-x25 every 4 minutes, and with a multiplier of x120+ the levels last 5 minutes. If you want to earn money in Spin&Go tournaments, you have to focus on winning every tournament and worrying less about the amount you are playing for.

Where to play Spin&Go tournaments

Spin&Go’s have become very popular among online players. These three-player tournaments will be perfect for people who don’t have much time and like playing fast-paced poker games.

Spin & Go poker

The most interesting feature of Spin & Go games is a prize pool. Its amount is determined randomly; therefore, Spin&Go’s are often called lottery poker tournaments. This means that you can double your buy-in, or win 10 000 times more than the buy-in. For example, by investing $5, you can wrap up $50 000.

In some poker rooms, number of players, growth rate of blinds, and other factors may vary slightly. Note that the names of these fast tournaments are also different. Let’s consider the best poker rooms to play Spin&Go games.


It’s easy to find Spin&Go’s in the lobby as they run in a separate tab. There, you can find Spin&Go Flash (from $0.25 to $500), Spin&Go Omaha (from $1 to $25), and Spin&Go Max (from $0.25 to $100) tables of different buy-ins. A prize pool is determined before the cards are dealt.


This room also offers Spin&Go games, which can be found in the «Spins» tab. SPINS buy-ins at PartyPoker vary from $0.25 to $250 (NLH); the max multiplier is 240 000, meaning that you can win a $1 000 000 prize. Besides, Party offers its users to try a turbo version of Spins – SPINS Ultra. These tournaments have shorter stacks and faster blinds, which accelerates the play and thus you can win big money even faster.


The poker room has launched its analog of Spin&Go format, which is called BLAST. In the 888 lobby, you will find BLAST tournaments of different buy-ins: 10¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. A prize pool also remains a mystery until the game begins; its amount varies between 2 and 10 000 times the buy-in.

iPoker network

Spin&Go tournaments are represented as Twister games in the entire iPoker network (Betfair, Titan Poker, RedStar Poker, Guts Poker, BestPoker). They are available in the Twister tab; buy-ins range from €0.50 to €100. The iPoker network offers you Twisters (usual Spin&Go’s), Wild Twisters (very fast Twisters), and Age of The God Twisters where you can win big money from the Age of The Gods mystery Jackpot.

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