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From 1 April till 12 April 2022, PokerStars runs two "Spin&Go" leaderboards with $210 000 prize pool. To participate in the promotional offer, one needs to play tourneys in the Spin&Go format.

Play 10 or 30 Spin&Go tournaments with the same buy-in and win a share of the $210 000 prize pool. In addition, every day you play a full block of 10 or 30 Spin&Go tournaments with the same buy-in, you will receive a ticket to a special weekly players' giveaway.

How to participate in this promotion

  1. Opt-in in the Challenges tab in the PokerStars lobby.
  2. Play 10 or 30 tournaments with the same buy-in throughout the day
  3. Within one day, you can participate in several leaderboards at once and receive up to 8 prizes
  4. Progress can be monitored directly at the table or in the lobby of Spin&Go tournaments

On the Spin&Go 10 Leaderboard, only the first 10 Spin&Go tournaments count. On the Spin&Go 30 Leaderboard, only the first 30 Spin&Go tournaments count. During the day, players can make up to 3 attempts. The daily leaderboard will include the highest score in 10/30 blocks of Spin&Go tournaments.

Leaderboard prizes



Multiplier1st place2nd place3rd place
10x and higher201010

Weekly Giveaway

As part of the Spin&Go campaign, the poker room will also host a weekly prize giveaway. 

Participate and win!

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