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Spin&Go Leaderboards at PokerStars

From 10 May till 6 June 2021, PokerStars runs two "Spin&Go" leaderboards with $17 500 daily prize pool. To participate in the promotional offer, one needs to play tourneys in the Spin & Go format.

Opt-in to the given offer in the PokerStars client and play ten (or fifty) Spin & Go tourneys with a similar buy-in over the day. The participants are also able to play at each of the provided levels of buy-ins on the same day, meaning they have an opportunity to win several cash prizes at a time.

Check your results in the «Challenges» section of the lobby to understand which prize (or prizes) you get.

Spin&Go 50

PokerStars 2020

Take part in fifty Spin & Go events (of a similar level) and daily get your part of $17 500 prize pool. These kinds of leaderboards are presented in the PokerStars lobby from 10 May till 6 June 2021.

It's worth noting that they are different, since the participants don’t have to play the largest possible number of tourneys. Only the first fifty Spin & Go events played during the day count towards the leaderboard, so anyone is able to win.

You can find the (buy-in) levels that suit for participation in the given promotion below. There, you will also find amounts of prize money, which the room will credit to the players’ accounts for certain finishing positions in the leaderboards.

Position $50$100$250

Spin&Go 10

PokerStars 2020

If you want to daily win a share of the prize pool, then you must play ten Spin & Go tourneys at Stars. The poker room provides the "Spin & Go 10" leaderboards in the following period - from 10 May till 6 June 2021.

There are few options for buy-ins, suitable for participation in this offer: micro ($1, $2), low ($5, $10), medium ($25). Here are also cash rewards, which players can receive for taking certain positions in these leaderboards.


Points system

MultiplierPoints for 1st placePoints for 2nd placePoints for 3rd place
10x and higher201010

Daily Giveaway

Within the "Spin & Go" leaderboards campaign, the poker room will also hold a Daily Giveaway. The prize pool of this giveaway amounts to $500.

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