Stabbing and raping happened at Las Vegas casinos within one week

Crimes in Las Vegas

Gambling establishments in Las Vegas are famous for attracting compulsive gamblers from all over the world. However, they also attract many mentally disordered people, who are capable of serious crimes.

Last week, two serious crimes occurred in two Las Vegas casinos.

Stabbing at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

The 33-year-old man named Kem Peters attacked his ex-girlfriend with a box cutter at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

According to local police, Peters approached the victim at about 2 am, saying «I'll slit your throat», and tried to stab the girl.

The offender slit her face and neck, and then hit and cut the face of the man who was trying to stop the attack. Both victims survived, but were seriously injured. The woman got 30 stitches, and the man received only 4 stitches.

Later, Kem Peters was detained on charges of attempting to murder, domestic violence, as well as trespassing.

This is not the first crime committed by Peters. Prior to that, he was twice accused of domestic assault, but his guilt wasn't proven in court.

A few days earlier, another serious offense happened in Las Vegas.

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Raping at Casino Venetian

Police apprehended the 27-year-old Donovan Fox on suspicion of raping a woman at the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino.

The woman said that she had come to Las Vegas with her husband and friends. She decided to go to their room earlier because she wanted to sleep.

The woman woke up soon afterwards, as some man attacked her, committing an act of sexual violence.

After the victim said that her husband would come any minute, the abuser decided to escape. However, thanks to special face recognition technology, the guy was detained near his house in less than a day.

When Fox was caught, he told his «version» of the scenario. The offender said that he had been discussing a potential sexual intercourse with the woman and soon after that he had found a key card to her hotel room. According to Donovan, he considered that a hint and went to the room to have sex with the victim.

The police, in turn, showed him the surveillance video, in which he was chasing two women in the hallway of the hotel. In addition, the police checked the security cameras in the casino and did not find any confirmations, which could evidence that the victim and the rapist were acquainted before the incident happened.

Fox eventually pleaded guilty as the police found the video on Donovan's phone showing how he was attacking the victim.

Kem Peters and Donovan Fox

Currently, both criminals are in remand centres, awaiting trial.

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