Stars Rewards Showdown at PokerStars: 20 chances to get prizes

PokerStars promotion

On 11 May, a new Stars Rewards Showdown promotion was launched at PokerStars. The promo will last until 31 May, and you will have 20 attempts to win good prizes. All you need is to play for money, and then to beat a pair of nines in the promo hand.

The essence of Stars Rewards Showdown promotion

As part of given promotion, you will have 20 attempts to win the promo hand with nines until 31 May. First, you need to play at PokerStars for real money, and then you should get two cards for play in the promo hand from Stars Rewards.

You will be dealt two cards, and flop will always have 10-J-Q-6-4. Your task is to beat a pair of nines, and the better your combination is, the better gift you will get.

Stars Rewards Showdown 2020

How to register in this promotion

The registration process is no different from other tasks at PokerStars. For convenience, we prepared a step-by-step instruction for you:

  1. Go to PokerStars lobby.
  2. Open "Challenges".PokerStars 2020

  3. Click "Open" button.PokerStars 2020

  4. Click "Start" button.

After registration, such cards as 10-J-Q-6-4 and the opponent’s cards 9-9 will appear on the screen. Your task is to play for real money and get two cards from Stars Rewards for play in this promo hand. Get prizes depending on the combination you hit.


The amount of prize depends on the combination with which you will win the promo hand against 9-9. Depending on the level, you are able get the following prizes:

Royal flush$25$50$100$250$750$2 500
Straight flush$5$10$25$75$250$500
Three of a Kind$0.75$1.25$5$10$25$100
Two pairs$0.5$0.75$2$7.5$15$35
Pair (10 and higher)$0.25$0.5$1.5$5$10$25

Example: If you managed to hit a straight and you get the diamond gifts, then your reward will be $50.

Terms of promotion

  • The given promotion was launched on 11 May at 13:00 UTC, and it will last until 31 May (03:59 UTC).
  • During this promotion, you can play a maximum of 20 promo hands.
  • The prize money cannot be transferred to other players.
  • The validity of unopened gifts is 7 days after the end of promotion.
  • There is no automatic registration in promotion. You should register in the window of tasks.
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