Strategy of the game of fast poker

Zoom-poker strategy

For the first time the “Fast Poker” format was introduced in a Full Tilt Poker room and it was called as “Rush-poker”. This game type offered the players a new possibility to fold their hand immediately and shift to the next hand without waiting for their turn.

Fast-Poker allows to play more hands and, accordingly, to have long distance faster.

Most of the large poker-rooms suggest their players their own Fast-Poker variant:

One of the key differences of the fast-tables from the typical ones is that you would play every hand at the new table and usually against the new opponents. If you play fast-poker at the micro-limits then it will be difficult for you to collect an essential statistic on your opponents.      

As a result, it is difficult to make a clear strategy that is based on the table dynamics and a certain statistic for each player, as you do it at the typical cash-tables. This may seem like a disadvantage but remember that your opponents also have limited information about you.   

The fast-poker principles allow players to play only the strong cards from their range rather than do it with garbage or speculative hands. Most of the players particularly the recreational ones lock themselves into it too much.

The disadvantage of this tactics is that your winrate at the fast-tables cannot be as high as at the typical tables. Your opponents make fewer serious mistakes on the preflop because they don't have to enter the game with the marginal hands.  

The game style at the Zoom-tables is tougher than at the regular ones. The stealing and re-stealing of the blinds is a cornerstone of the game strategy at the fast-tables. Most of the time, it will be enough for you to steal the blinds in order to earn money.    

Tips for the fast-poker game

  • Don’t play too many tables

One of the biggest fast-poker advantages is that the correlation of played hands per hour at one table is much higher than at the typical ones. However, it means that non-stop game will require your concentration more often.

There is no universal number of the tables you should play at because it depends on your individual characteristics. However, you should note that your decisions’ quality is more important than the number of your played hands.    

As a rule, 2 or 3 fast-poker tables simultaneously give a large action quantity and provide you with the time in order to think over your decision in a quality manner.     

  • Deviate from the tight play

As we have mentioned earlier, though the tight game is a positive one for the newbies and the fast-tables tactics are based on different principles. At the fast-tables, the blinds’ stealing will make the most part of your profit. The stealing and re-stealing are the basic tactics of Zoom-tables game.

  • Protect your blinds

From the above-mentioned point, it follows that the fight precisely for the blinds is carried out at the fast-tables. Accordingly, if you are at the blinds then you should protect them more often in order not to grant your money to the opponents.

3-bet from the blinds at Zoom-tables seems more frightening rather than at the typical tables. But remember, you shouldn’t abuse this method because even the nit and weak opponents may sooner or later have the aces.   

  • Make the notes on your opponents

Because of the fact that your opponents constantly rotate at the fast-tables, it will be difficult for you to collect the representative statistics for them. At this moment the notes on the players come to your aid. Mark any non-standard actions of your opponents (the bets frequency and its sizes, the hands at showdown, the general play manner) and use it against them.  

  • Chose the profitable place for the game

The most players prefer the games in Zoom at PokerStars, but if you plan to make the poker your income source then you should find more favorable financial terms. The players’ pools at the PokerStars fast-tables are the most complex and the positive game at the high limits of this format is a mark of professionalism.       

But in the contemporary realities, the understanding and clever player should find the most profitable variants of the game. 

Such poker-rooms as 888Poker and Red Star Poker offer the favorable terms for the fast-poker game. Get 88$ without the deposit to Red Star Poker and start playing the fast-poker right now! 

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