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Sunday game it's up!

How are U? 😎 Yesterday was the best day to reset my bankroll, but I couldn't!) Otherwise, I will have nothing to write about, everything is simple) I need to try to play carefully) I always have a desire to jump to the limits above and try to win money there, but mostly it always turns out bad trip) by the way, yesterday, I again somehow restrained myself so as not to fall into a tilt, again I get into coolers, or could not win at the maximum chances. Although I have a normal winrate, as usual, I did not win anything, well, to be precise, I played in the negative of the money. I will have to play MTSnG for a while now, so as not to sway the dispersion. Okay, let me show U the results of the game, as well as the highlights of the terrible hands, as usual, 😜 but judging by the matrix of hands, it didn't play so well)

Yeah) Not the best run for me 😏 However, I played only 2.5 K hands this month, and it's too early to judge anything, maybe I can conclude the result, only at the end of the month) In the meantime, I just have to hope for this "luck switch" to win coin flips and stay in tournaments until the final tables, and of course, I need to play more!) Okay, I can't write much, I don't have enough time) I only have time to sleep, eat, and play poker) My apartment renovation again is in the ass 😬 heh)

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