Tetris leaderboards in Spin & Go tournaments at PokerStars

Tetris Leaderboards at PokerStars

Top poker room PokerStars arouses interest of its players to Spin & Go tournaments. From 15 February to 28 March, Spin & Go leaderboards called "Tetris" are held at PokerStars.

As part of this promo, $33 000 will be raffled daily in the leaderboards. It is worth noting that leaderboards will consist of many levels for different buy-ins.

In order to get points for the leaderboards, you need to play Spin & Go tournaments with a "Tetris" mark. Your points’ multiplier will increase for prize places in the tournaments.

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Separate leaderboard is open for each individual buy-in level and you can participate in all of them at once. The number of points will depend on your level, tournament multiplier and prize place.

The level directly depends on the number of collected "lines" in "Tetris". Every time you collect 5 lines, your level will increase. The maximum level to be reached is 20.

Leaderboard prizes will be distributed as follows:

Place in leaderboardLeaderboard $0.25Leaderboard $1
Leaderboard  $2Leaderboard $5
Leaderboard $10Leaderboard  $25Leaderboard $50
Leaderboard $100Leaderboard $250Leaderboard  $500
1$50$150$250$400$500$500$750$1 000$1 500$3 000
2$40$100$200$300$400$400$600$800$1 000

Points in these leaderboards will be awarded depending on the number of lines according to the following formula: points with one line = 40 * (n + 1), points with two lines = 100 * (n + 1), points with 3 lines = 300 * (n + 1), points with 4 lines = 1200 * (n + 1). In this formula, “n” is your current level.

Please note that Spin & Go Flash tournaments also participate in the "Tetris" leaderboards. The promotion will last from 15 February (14:00 UTC) until 29 March (03:59 UTC).

As part of given promo, you will also see your "game status". Green color means that everything is fine, orange – not so fine, and red color means that a loss in the next Spin & Go will lead to the end of game. If you have reached the “end of game” status, you can participate in the leaderboard the next day.

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