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The battle of AK v QQ

Which is a better hand to hold, AK or QQ and go all in with? When I first started out playing I always preferred AK, the Anna Kournikova, due the overcards that always seemed to come.  While vica verca, playing QQ so badly on a regular basis, I usually fely aggrieved that I would lose all it each time.  This blog post is all about focusing on the battle between the two card holdings.


However, now that I tend to play better with QQ thanks to experience, and often win with it both preflop and post flop, my favouritism for either one of these two holdings has moved to the Ladies pocket pair QQ.


While I was at university there had been a rumour going around that 'the' Anna Kournikova' was playing tennis in the town (Eastbourne) famous for hosting top quality tennis competitions in England, on the West coast, and that she was out on the town clubbing in one of the clubs.  I didn't get to meet her though and probably would have been too shy to say anything!

Bit ornate a random bit of information added there!  Now back to the article :) When I think about it, I haven't lost many QQ hands lately and for the most part have made a decent return pot-wise at the 0.05/0.10c level. While this month, if I hadn't wasted £35 on losing money to the football bets, I would have increased by bankroll to +55% by now, but as fate would have it (or poor discipline and decision making on my part) it's now still floating around at the 20-25% levels.

That being said, I learn more each month and my self discipline is definitely getting better. Although I was bitterly disappointed when my QQ got busted the last time by AK offsuit, which felt especially painful when my opponent spiked a king on the river, after an all in pre flop move.

Did I make the correct decision by going all in though? To answer this with some poker facts I think in one way, basically yes, according to my strategy for this level.  In these generally loose games re raising with QQ is sound play because it is a big favourite against small pocket pairs and suited connects like 10 9 suited, by pricing them out of the hand.

Which do you prefer to have when going all-in...AK or QQ?

The actuall odds are 44% equity for AK against QQ, so this is quite a few percentages away from the otherwise perceived 'coin flip'. ( But if we compare AK suited versus QQ, then we have a 46% equity, which is better - suited hands always have a little more expectation and this can make all the difference in poker!


(Pre-flop) QQ is the better hand, it will win more often, and it also beats AK with a small equity advantage.

(Post-flop) Bith hands are really good and AK of course does better when an A or a K hits the deck, (42% of the time), but the QQ can be let go easily in that situation.

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I also like the ladies better.

It's a pity you didn't meet Anna Kournikova

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Yeah I quoted the article too 👍 ( nice one

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