The blue seal #10.7 Session = The first cash above 1$ :))

Hey guys! In this session i didn't used my 320$ ticket, not yet!

I was chillin' on the poker room twitch channell for gaining the password for a nice event, where was garanteed another one 320$ ticket, two tries increasing my succes rate with 100%, right? :)

Based on 1648 players, i jumped in it!

16th place holding Ducks , 3-way allin vs AJo and AKs. Unfortunatelly, the turn brings an ace, which pushed me out.

In this event i had two nice spots:

and this one, where the river was a holly gift!

Bankroll: 1.85$ , 1$ ticket and 320$ ticket

GL in your daily sessions!

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you can pass in day2

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