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The blue seal #12 Session = Go up when ure down!

How i can exploit my time bigger as possible to increase my bankroll challenge in a short therm? Also, we need optimal risks!

I decided to play some cash sessions in the days then i don't have more than 2 hours of playing. Hmmm....was not ok, because in 2 of them i played more than 4 hours to recover my money lost in the first hour! Of corse, increasing the stakes, which i don't recommend!!!!

After these 2 sessions i can say that i am down something like -59$ ( but i consider this is not a big loose, it's in graphics). Let's see the most important spots:

I have played more than 4.2k hands, here is the graphic:

I know i am a mediocre player, but i still try , hopefully i can find my way!

I am shure that the next session will be an mtt session with 12 tournaments ( all kind of... ) and i will share the most important aspect.

Probably some good news :)

Bankroll : 654.93$

GL at the tables!

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Vetal user
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Of corse, increasing the stakes, which i don't recommend!!!!

I don't recommend it either.

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User's aura GER4SOUL 180

i am used to play on higher stakes, and i don't understand why i win there more than at smaller stakes....

Yakov user
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Stop! So all the money won can be lost. Playing out of bankroll won't do you any good.

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SanSan1Time user
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