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The blue seal #14 Session = Gut gemacht!

Hey guys?! What whould be if BTC in 1-2months increased at minimum 25K$?

That should put me in a new situation, and at more work. I don't really know what reference i would take for the correct price....lot's of apps have ridiculous diferences at the live price....this is a thing that i don't understand. (Even if i am an investor in bitcoin....i bad!)

So, let's talk a little bit about my last session. Was interesting, with lot of action and aparently nice to see my bankroll increasing....Unfortunatelly, i played some NL10 tables, and that takes me 2,5Buyins. As i always said, it's not so bad. I have only one rool: GET RICH OR TRY BLUFFING! :)))

These were the spots:

I like this kind of satellites, most of the time more than 20% from players receive a ticket! I will play with pleasure everyone of them. Of corse, i will take some shoots at bigger stakes.

I made the call at his 4-bet with aces. Sometimes they must believe that i play AK, even more when you know u're opponents. And this one is from the bests!

The best flop for playing a hand like aces, with a tight player. He reraise-shove in turn, which helped me to exlude a flush draw.

I believe in some events, and all my cards in last 2 tables helps me a lot. But was preety hard to gain that stack. 5th place is not so bad after all.

That note on him represent weakness, and decided to call the river:

And guess what!?!?!? I am ahead! Probably the best read of session!

The best way to win money is to see on every street that they bet like hell! And of corse any doubled board-pair in river :)))

When u're not 100$ confident about your hand, better fold...even if your pair is better than A8!!!! I decided to bet in turn as more as i couldn't fold anymore ( this is a multitabling mistake that most of players does)

A river is always good when the chips comes to you :))

Another satellite won for a 5$ mtt

Why whould you limp Kings like short stack? And with who can you do that? Not with me in this situation, of corse :)

Bankroll: 615.22$

GL in your sessions!

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Regular recreational player. Get rich or try bluffin'!
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SanSan1Time user
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Nice hands

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Vetal user
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99 & 88 lol

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User's aura GER4SOUL 180

999poker room doesnt exist!

Vetal user
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No. Your hand is 99 and your opponent is 88. You lost.(((

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