The estimated duration option in GGPoker tournaments

GGPoker 2020

​GGPoker is one of the most innovative poker rooms in the world right now. The poker room is constantly innovating its gaming client: the staking platform, final table bets, SnapCam and much more.

A new update has been released this week that will delight MTT players. Now in every GGPoker tournament you can track the approximate time until the end of the tournament. Also you can find out:

  • Time left before the start of the ITM zone (until in the money);
  • Time left before the start of the final (until final table);
  • Final table duration.

It is clear that these figures are approximate and no one will be able to tell you exactly how long the tournament will last. Nevertheless, such a function helps to understand the situation in the tournament and you will roughly know how much time is left to wait until the prizes, and how much until the final table.

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This option will help players decide on the choice of tournaments. Let's say, if a poker player does not have a goal to spend at the poker table all night until morning. In this case, the player can choose a tournament suitable for himself, which will run for a relatively short time.

Previously, it was necessary to calculate the blind levels for this, but now it is enough just one click in the tournament lobby.

GGPoker tournament

This function is also useful when playing before the bubble. The player can choose the optimal strategy if his goal is to reach the prizes and collect the minimum prize money.

GGpoker introduced this feature right after they saw a lot of discussion on the poker forums. The players discussed that it would be convenient to display the tournament counter, which would show the duration of the tournament.

It took only a couple of days and the poker room added this feature to their game client. Perhaps, in the future, something similar will appear in other poker rooms.

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