The most powerful motivator for playing poker!

Hello, everyone!

I promise you that this post will be fucking great, this post is like the vaccine you've been looking for...

I'm inspired, so it's time to talk about the most important thing, the thing I like to talk about most of all, MOTIVATION...

So how do you recharge before the rink in legal and legitimate ways?

Yes, yes, yes, girls and boys, there are just a bunch of ways that you can use and you're doing it will not be anything bad, but only a positive and good mood, sharpened to success in life ...

I would like to touch upon a few really cool stuff, which maybe many people know, but forgot, or just bored to talk about it, so they keep quiet.

And so guys, meet your horse motivator for the rink number one.


I will not now stretch the portions of where to buy this tea, and how to learn how to brew it correctly, this is literally swarming with YouTube, Google, Yandex, and so on, so on ...

The only recommendation I'll add from myself is that when you make this tea properly, it's best not to add any bullshit like lemon, sugar, and other bullshit, if you can not live without sweetness, and mate tastes bitter to you, buy yourself a chocolate bar with almonds, before and during the skating, it goes great:

WARNING, but what you really can and should add to this drink of the gods is not a big sprig of Sagan Dalya:

Grass is very expensive, because it is in the red book and harvested by hand, but there is good news guys, buy her a lot is not necessary, enough to buy 10-20 grams (2-3 $) at 2-3kg yogurt.

You take your oscillator, fill it with 2/3 of yerba mate and a small twig of sagan, pour this nuclear mixture of hot water at 75 degrees (better to buy a special kettle), do 3-5 minutes and oh gods, the third eye is included and you literally bubbles blood and no sleep and boredom you just do not feel, your head will be clear, will constantly wish to think about every situation ...

If you MTT players, then during the 5-minute break, instead of the usual toilet, you might want to go out and run around the house a mile, well, that's in the case if you fuck borscht with Sagan (he's a good energy drink).

So guys, after we figured out how to boost morale before the rink and be, what I call on the chipper, I want to give a couple of recommendations on the use of these products.

Firstly do not take mate and sagan every day, nothing good will come from this exactly, and over time you will develop a kind of immunity to herbs and not about any cheerfulness you can not dream, but rather the opposite, the consequences can be sad, such as a stuffy stomach from mate, uyebeshchee and dried skin from sagan (in large doses Sagan Dile dehydrated skin).

It's best to determine for yourself the especially important days for pep in the rink.

Secondly, be sure to take sedatives such as motherwort tinctures in breaks, it is harmless and a glass of this infusion before going to bed will not only give you a sound and restless sleep, but will also have a favorable effect on your CNS.

In a nutshell, mate and sagan are very strong psychostimulants (essentially, they're the warden who whips you around to make you fuck at X5 speed)...

And everything seems to be not bad, but because of the constant pressure, your brain, at times agrees to the constant pressure and can perform complete nonsense under constant pressure, so you need breaks and a glass of motherwort before going to bed and it will only be grateful to you for this and you will not break down for sure.

Thank you all for your attention, bye! ;)

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