The most useful filters in Holdem Manager

HM filters

Ante in Play + bb > 4999

The first filter is very important in tournaments. Since all the main ROI is done at the late stages of the tournament, then the ability to make money at the late stages will affect your game adequately. In multi-table tournaments, the late stage will always be in a stage of ante and the big blind will be more than 5000. If you have a positive winrate at these stages, then you can be sure you will make money playing poker.

Preflop all-in = false

However, this filter doesn’t show everything. If you want to know how well you are playing postflop, then no doubt you should see a filter where you don’t go all-in. Do not be afraid that you winrate will reduce significantly - this will only show that you know a push fold well. However, the game on postflop should be also profitable.

Could Cold call = true

Another filter that shows how well a player plays when he makes a cold call. Firstly, you will always cold call in a position that increases your winrate automatically. And secondly, your hands, which you choose for the cold call, must get out of the domination well. Of course, your winrate will not be such a cosmic in this situation as in 3-bet pots for example, but here it should also be made as a profitable expectation.

Layout by stack sizes

One more important parameter of your game is a game in different stack sizes. You can have a huge winrate in the deep stacks but it will not mean anything if you play badly in stacks of up to 15 blinds. Since you will have a short stack at the late stages in most cases, then a game in short stacks will be more important. Feel free to watch how you play in different stacks and correct your strategies.

Filter of coins

Often, the players like to complain about their bad beats or how they lose all coin flips. You can see how often you really lose in your coinflip all-ins. However, don’t be too surprised when you realize that you still play break even poker as it should be played. Our brain is programmed to memorize bad things mostly, i.e your failures.

Estimate material
- excellent material
- good material
- normal material
- bad material
- horrible material
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