The players are dissatisfied with cash game rake at Atrium casino

Atrium casino

EPT will make its most popular stop on December 6 at Atrium casino in Prague.  This stop will consist of 46 tournaments. However, some players express their frustration because of significantly increased rake in the cash games.

According to the words of one poster of 2+2 forum under the nickname "eptfriends", the rake of cash games at Atrium increased by 30-70%. For comparison, he cited the size of an old rake and the new one as an example:

Rake size

In addition to the above-mentioned charges, an extra €2/ $2.20 for covering the staff costs is deducted from the pot. According to the new rules, the tables where flop wasn’t put or the tables where up to 4 people are placing will pay 5% rake. The maximum rake per one hand is $11.

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Despite the fact that rake changes will affect EPT Prague guests, the situation is beyond PokerStars control. As it often happens, PokerStars manages tournaments while the casino takes over the management of cash games. Therefore, the Atrium management is responsibility for the rake increasing.

Poker pro and businessman Leon Tsoukernik became the new owner of Atrium casino. He promised to improve and increase cash game in Atrium and wanted to implement the King’s atmosphere to the casino. But it wasn’t stated about the rake increasing:  

“A major reconstruction is planned to provide the same standards as the King’s Resort in Rozvadov. The main change and future focus of the Atrium will be live poker cash games. The vision is to become the leading venue regarding poker cash games in the capital of the Czech Republic. Cash games will be much easier to access than currently at the venue in regards of cage procedures, finding the right limit table and changing tables.”

Most of the players’ complaints are that Atrium changed the size of rake all of a sudden, and EPT guests have already booked the tickets and hotels before they found out about changes.

It is obvious that the rake issue won’t affect the attendance of upcoming series, however the players’ reaction concerning the rake can adversely impact on the new Atrium casino.

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