The pound has dropped HOW much?

I’m going to need to be organized this month, combining teaching with playing Poker and I’m going to have to be clever about it.  After about a week and a half off after cashing out my remaining dollars ten days ago and re loading again this morning with around $167 dollars I was shocked to see how quickly my bankroll suffered from just sitting playing super tight, losing one hand with top pair AQ versus two pair 56 off suit, and losing nearly £3s so very easily in a short session, as the pound has dropped to 1.37 US dollars!!  Wow the value of the pound has dropped in the past year and I have a bad feeling that it won’t stop there!  On the other hand, when I get back into the full swing of playing again and start making some money; that profit will be skyrocketing.


I just was too distracted to play today, but I did want to share with you some thoughts on my usual game (NL hold’em) which should help both you and me out later during more focused and concentrated play.  Let’s just pray I get an opportunity to play for a good spell of time.


  • Playing tight or right?  When you are marginally ahead it is a good idea to ‘protect your hand’ and to defend it against say 2/3 players if you’ve say hit top pair with a nice kicker like AJ, but you must be aware of those over pairs like QQ, KK or even AA when doing this.  Protect your hand; especially if the pot is big.
  • However, if you’ve got a ‘made hand’ (strong to very strong monster hand) and there are still a lot of players in the pot it would be a good idea to build it as much as possible.  You are highly likely to win so you want to maximize your profits by keeping in as many players as possible!

  • Be careful not to call too many hands.  This will lead to one thing...going broke in the end! I arrived at a table earlier today on Pokerstars where one player with $28 literally was involved in every hand, limping in every time, or even cold calling raises and re raises.  Only rarely did he make the correct play and raise the before the flop.  Can you guess what happened?  Within 20 minutes he lost every single penny.
  • Perhaps he was just playing for fun, but you should look out for players like this, so that you can squeeze every bit of profit out of them with sound poker play.  This is what I tried to do.  However, my AQ off suit call from early position got me into trouble.  After some betting when I hit top pair on the flop, on the river he revealed 56 off suit to make two pair!  My tight play didn’t pay off and sometimes this can happen.
  • Be careful of AQ.  Here i got dominated by the highly loose caller, but on another day I might have won.  For the record, AQ suited is a much better hand due to its flush potential if there is a nice flop.  Overall today I had to work with scraps....

He really was playing really loosely and below it shows him losing this time.  Luck can only hold for so long...  Apologies to this player for naming and shaming but I wanted to provide an example of how really not to play!  Calling too much is a losing strategy.  Better to raise or fold.

Thanks super people for reading today’s blog post.  Over and out (for now) Maroonfish.

Bankroll startup: $167

#Looking forward to playing properly again!

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I have been playing poker for about 15 years. I play online currently and I've played poker in casinos, card rooms, local games and with friends. I play NL hold'em tournaments and cash games and can also play Pot Limit Omaha, a game I also love.
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Good luck! it's a good BE if you have a strategy!

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