The winner of ME Card Player Poker Tour Venetian was announced

Valentyn Shabelnyk 2020

Main Event Card Player Poker Tour Venetian finished. The Ukrainian player Valentyn Shabelnyk became the winner and earned $136 000 for the victory.

In order to win this event with a prize pool of $500 000, Shabelnyk had to outplay 160 participants. This is the second title for Ukrainian player in Venetian this month. On 1 December, he already won in the tournament for $400.    

This is the biggest prize money for Valentyn throughout his entire career. The player also got 468 points in Card Player Player of the Year ranking.

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Before the beginning of heads-up, the players weren’t able to agree on the splitting. Shabelnyk said that he offered a deal to his opponent before the heads-up, as the stacks were deep and he didn’t want to spend a lot of time. However, his opponent wanted more money than he could get according to ICM, and Valentyn refused.

In the final hand of the tournament, Shabelnyk and Steve Sung played on the flop with A-J and KK. Steve went all-in in the hope that Ukrainian player didn’t have an ace. Valentyn called and won this event.

The results of Main Event Card Player Poker Tour

1Valentyn Shabelnyk$136 000
2Steve Sung$85 000
3George Wolff$60 000
4Jack Duong$42 000
5Ekrem Bozkurt$32 000
6Hiroaki Harada$25 000
7Leo Song-Carrillo$19 000
8Tanya Kirk$15 000
9Mike Shin$12 000
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