Tom Dwan has won over $100 000 in a few hands

Tom Dwan 2021

The famous American poker player Tom "durrrr" Dwan has had poor luck in live cash games lately.

Having lost a few big pots on High Stakes Poker and being defeated by Douglas Polk at the WPT HU Championship, Dwan still managed to pull himself together and got through that dark period.

He has recently played high-stakes ($200/$400) live cash games. Tom won back some money after the offensive losses mentioned above.

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Tom Dwan found himself at the same table with such eminent poker pros as Dan Smith, Jake Daniels, Jesse Sylvia, Scott Seiver and Landon Tice.

Playing against them, Tom managed to win $100 000 over a few hands. One of the most profitable hands was Dwan's clash with Jake Daniels.

The winning hand

In that hand, Tom caught his opponent bluffing on the river. Dwan had 10♣-9♠ versus 8♦-5♥. The board was as follows: 9♦-2♦-7♥-4♠-Q♣.

On the river, Jake Daniels moved all-in, having a gutshot. Tom Dwan, of course, decided to think whether to call his opponent’s bet or not. It may well be that he was thinking of his recent unfortunate experience in live cash games. Dwan eventually called the all-in and took away the pot.

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