Tom Dwan lost a million because of bet on UFC

Tom Dwan 2020

The return of UFC fights after quarantine brought joy to many sports fans. However, Tom Dwan became an exception, because he turned out to be the losing side in the financial matter.

The fact is that Tom made a bet with an impressive amount of $1 000 000 on fighter Raphael Assuncao. The Brazilian fighter met with Cody Garbrandt in the octagon that evening, and Dwan decided that Raphael would become a winner.   

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It is worth noting that Cody was a favorite in this battle, and Raphael, in turn, was an underdog. Nevertheless, Dwan made a bet on the player whom bookmakers considered weaker than his opponent.

The poker player wrote about it on Twitter:

Tom Dwan wrote a post on Twitter

However, Dwan didn’t specify in what currency he made his bet. According to the post of Ludovic Geilich written on social networks, Dwan is actively playing in Macau these days. If so, then Tom made a bet in the amount of 1 000 000 HKD, which meant 128 000 US dollars.

Despite the three failures in a row, bookmakers made Garbrandt a favorite. He used to be one of the UFC rising stars, but the results of recent battles forced to doubt him.

In the end, Garbrandt became the winner, and Tom Dwan lost his bet. For those who are interested in MMA fights, there is a knockout video:

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