Tom Dwan lost another big pot at High Stakes Poker

Tom Dwan

The famous poker player from the USA Tom Dwan often demonstrates a real action at the table of the popular poker show High Stakes Poker.

It just so happens that Dwan often “pays off” this action. In a new episode of High Stakes Poker, Tom Dwan fought against businessman Chamath Palihapitiya in an unequal contest.

In one of the hands, Tom lost $246 000 pot to Chamath.

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Unfortunate hand for Dwan started when Palihapitiya made a bet of $1 600 on preflop with 9♥ 9♣, and Dwan raised with 7♦ 5♥ up to $5 000.

Chamath re-raised to $17 000, but Tom decided to continue fighting and called. 5♣ 10♠ 9♠ appeared on the flop, which brought Palihapitiya a set of nines.

Chamath raised to $20 000, but Tom decided not to fold with a middle pair and he called. 9♦ was dealt on the turn and improved Palihapitiya hand a four of a kind. He checked and Dwan also checked.

This move was reasonable as 7♣ on river improved Tom hand to two pairs, but he didn't think that Chamath hit a nuts. Palihapitiya made a bet of $85 000 on the river and Dwan paid off his bet. When it came to showdown, Tom Dwan only said "wow" and folded his cards in frustration.

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