Top 5 Android poker training apps for beginners

Android poker app

Want to start actively learning? Are you often on the road and want to spend this time more efficiently? Here are 5 mobile apps to teach you the basics of poker:

1. PreflopAdvisor

Many beginners are trying to find preflop poker charts to understand at what point and with what hands to make an open raise or 3bet. But the charts are a relic of the past. PreflopAdvisor program is a preflop game adviser that will give you a much better result than any chart. You just enter your situation at the table, and the program tells you what to do. Thanks to this application, you can optimize your preflop strategy.

2. CallOrFold

To learn poker to a professional level, you need to know the mathematics of poker.

This is an application that gives you scripts and tests your knowledge. Learning the basics of mathematics of poker is the key to increasing earnings, and this application will help you.

3. Poker Helper

Poker Helper – a program for beginners, which will help you learn the rules of poker, combinations, and find out the probability of winning the hand. Poker Helper created specifically "for dummies", easy to use.

4. Free Poker Calculator

Poker Calculator is a free Texas Hold'em odds calculator. It can calculate the probability of winning for a given community cards and player’s hands in the game of Texas Hold'em. This can be called the perfect poker calculator for live poker, because you do not need to indicate all the cards in the hands of players or all common hands (cards on the board). You can indicate discarded (open) cards (randomly dealt face up). Offline users will appreciate this app!

5. Poker Guide HD

A complete guide to studying poker, in which you will learn everything from combinations and rules to tips for professionals on how to improve your game.

Now you can choose the application that suits you the most, and download from the Play Store. Good luck at the tables!

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