Top themes of 2020: the first WSOP online

World Series of poker 2020 at GGPoker online

If in the summer of 2019 someone had said that the next WSOP would be at first under threat of cancellation, and then will go online altogether, one could only twirl a finger at his temple at such words. Who would have thought that in just a year the situation in the world would change so much, and holding live poker tournaments would become impossible due to the coronavirus.

When the coronavirus epidemic began around the world in March 2020, there was still little hope that the WSOP would still take place. But when the terrible counter of deaths from coronavirus reached 1 million, thoughts were already about completely different things, more important than poker.

The organizers had a choice: either to cancel the WSOP for the first time in its history, or to postpone it. Due to the fact that no one knew how long the pandemic would last, it would be unwise to postpone the World Series of Poker. And it was unknown to what date it should be transferred, as the situation did not even start to improve and by May the number of people infected with coronavirus was growing rapidly.

We must pay tribute to the organizers of the series, who decided not to cancel it, but move it online. Of course, online there is a completely different atmosphere and it is one thing to sit in a noisy casino hall in Las Vegas, and another to sit at home behind a monitor screen.

Nevertheless, the annual World Series of Poker is the series every poker player in the world strives to play. With the WSOP online, everyone had such an opportunity, since in order to play at the WSOP, you did not have to leave your room and spend money on tickets and numerous travel expenses.

Looking back, it's safe to say that the WSOP 2020 was a success. Yes, it didn’t take place in the usual live format, but it still gave the players millions of dollars in prize money, and the audience got hundreds of interesting hands to watch.

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All organizational issues fell on the shoulders of two poker rooms: and GGPoker. The former was in charge of the American players in states that allowed online poker. The second was aimed mainly at the international part of the players and it was at GGPoker that the tournaments with the largest guarantees and the Main Event series were held.

Main figures of WSOP 2020

  • $27 559 500 – record Main Event prize pool
  • 44 576 – record number of participants in one tournament: Big50
  • 147 789 550 – total prize pool of the series
  • 239 754 entries to all tournaments of the series
  • 166 countries were represented by participants at WSOP 2020

Main facts of WSOP 2020

  • Out of 54 tournaments, in ten events the total number of participants exceeded 10 000
  • French poker player Arnaud Enselme got 23 ITM: this is the best result in the series
  • The youngest WSOP 2020 champion is Leonardo Mattos, who is 22 at the time of the WSOP
  • Five players made it to the final table three times: Mike Watson was one of them
  • The winner of the leaderboard received a computer mouse made of solid gold
  • Not a single poker player in the top 20 bracelet holders list was able to win a new bracelet at the 2020 WSOP

    Two Main Events at WSOP 2020

    Bulgarian Stoyan Madanzhiev became the WSOP Online 2020 Main Event Champion. He won nearly $4 million.

    In total, the top four WSOP 2020 ME final table players have earned over $1 million. This is exactly the case when you can not be particularly upset about the loss, since the prize money for online is simply gigantic.

    But the history of the WSOP in 2020 did not end there. The organizers of the series thought and decided to hold an additional Main Event in December: for Americans, the events took place in the poker room, and the international part was held at GGPoker.

    The final tables were held live in Rozvadov and Las Vegas. The participants of the final tables received large prize money, and the two winners will meet in a face-to-face confrontation in Las Vegas on January 3rd. The champion will receive a gold bracelet and an additional $1 000 000.

    WSOP 2021?

    There is a worrying question mark near the title of the 2021 WSOP. No one can predict what the situation will be next summer and whether the situation with the epidemic will allow for the series to be held in a live format.

    Of course, most poker fans, including us, want to see the World Series of Poker in a familiar live format. Seeing with your own eyes the incredible emotions on the faces of poker players, exciting hands, and much more that includes the WSOP is priceless.

    At the same time, everyone understands that health is most important and no one will put people's lives at risk. But let's hope that by the summer 2021 everything will be fine and the coronavirus will disappear as suddenly and rapidly as it appeared in our lives.

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