Unforgettable Performance: Player Broke a Glass Door at the Poker Show

Player broke a glass door on a poker show

Recently, during the Max Pain Monday poker show, one of the participants managed to break the glass door while leaving the room. A video of the incident was posted on the Hustler Casino Live channel.

As it is known, the player with the nickname "Nick A" was leaving the table and tried to open the door in the wrong direction. The result can be seen below (3:55).

Afterwards, Nick apologized and left the casino staff to deal with the consequences of his spectacular exit from the room. This story would have gone unnoticed if it weren't for the comments on social networks – the poker community has already turned this situation into a meme.Meme situation on Max Pain Monday show

​"It would be really cool if he lifted the doorknob over his head and yelled, «That cost me $3,000 – I'm taking it home!»".

Make sure you’re memorable on stream to get invited again. This guy: "Say no more".

And this is a comment to the person who posted this 5-minute video on social networks:

Start the video clip at his birth next time so we get the FULL context. Thanks.

By the way, streamer Kevin Martin recently conducted a poll on how to make TV poker streams more interesting. Such a case could definitely be on his list.

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