Unibet Poker adds anti-ratholing measures

Unibet Poker 2021

More and more poker sites are adding anti-ratholding measures, the European online room Unibet Poker is no exception.

Recently, Unibet has introduced new restrictions. Some poker players have been waiting them for a long time. However, let's first understand what "ratholing" is.

Ratholing is a situation when a poker player leaves the cash table after winning a large pot and then returns to the table with a smaller stack.

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Standard poker rules prohibit ratholling, and most poker rooms adhere to this prohibition. Almost all poker games are played according to the rule that all money (chips) on the table is in the game, which means that only the money that is on the table at the beginning of the hand is involved in the game, and you can play it back.

Poker sites take this phenomenon seriously. Unibet, therefore, also followed other rooms’ example. Now, a poker player who wins a large pot will be able to leave the table and return with a stack of 100 BB only 4 times. Once the player is all out of attempts, they will be able to join the same table, taking the same stack that they left the game with. Unless the player can wait 30 minutes.

The restrictions apply as follows:

Played at the same table within last 30minStack that a player left the table with
Number of ratholing attempts
Smallest stack
Largest stack
No50 BB100 BB
Yes50 BB or smaller50 BB100 BB
YesBigger than 50 BB, but smaller than 100 BB
Smallest stack at the table
100 BB
Yes100 BB or more0-4 (incl.)100 BBSmallest stack at the table
Yes100 BB or more5 or higherSmallest stack at the table
Smallest stack at the table
Estimate material
- excellent material
- good material
- normal material
- bad material
- horrible material
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