Unibet Poker updates its loyalty system

Unibet Poker loyalty system

Unibet Poker updated its loyalty system in order to attract even more players. The official launch will take place in October 2021, but regular players have a chance to take part in the competition.

The developers of the Unibet Poker loyalty system promise that it will be better, easier and more profitable. Unibet users may have noticed changes already on 1 July after logging and clicking on their profile. You can see a new loyalty tab on the upper left, but in the lobby, you will find more details about the rewards available.

It is very easy to earn Unibet Poker loyalty points, because every 1c rake means the one Unibet Poker loyalty point! Rakeback can be generated by playing for real money at any cash tables, tournaments or in HexaPro games.

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In the process of earning the points, you increase your level. The higher level is, the bigger your bonus point multiplier is.

RakeRakeback% rakeback
1 40523716,90%
2 20550422,80%
9 00053 56039,50%
20 5558 63942%
32 10513 71842,70%
43 65522 29751,10%


The new loyalty system gives you opportunity to earn 1 point for every 1 cent of rake generated. When increasing your loyalty points, you enter the new levels and get access to different rewards, such as bonus points, tickets, play bonuses and cash.

You will also have opportunity to get access to brand-new Game Lab and monitor your statistics and gameplay achievements. When increasing your level, you will reach a bonus points multiplier.

The second level will reward you with extra 1% rakeback in the form of bonus points, multiplied by your bonus points multiplier, as you progress through the levels.


If you want to reach level 3-1 (from level 3), it is required to earn 2 000 loyalty points, i.e. €20 in rake. Since you reached a 3.5x multiplier (3.5% rakeback) for entering level 3, you will get a total of 70 bonus for reaching level 3-1.

  • 1% of €20 = €0.20 or 20 BP
  • 20 BP x 3.5 BP multiplier = 70 BP

The frequency of extra bonus points will depend on the level you are trying to complete.

The release increments per level

LevelAccess to freerollsMultiplier Reward (bonus points)Rake per quarter
2Regular freeroll2x5
5Unibet Open Freeroll6.5x563605
612x2 6002,205
718x69 3009 005
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