Unique Splashes and other updates at GGPoker

New features at GGPoker

​​The top poker room of GG Network GGPoker has introduced new interesting features since May 27th. The changes are about gameplay and they add fun as well as essential features to the game.

Splashes to throw

It’s worth starting with the main novelty in the form of throwing various objects at opponents. A feature called "Splash" is somewhat similar to "Throwables" on PokerStars, but in this case, throwing items is available under certain conditions.

The poker player will be able to throw an item at the player to whom he lost a significant part of the stack. There are only two items available at the moment: a bucket of water and an egg.

Splash at GGPoker

In the case of a bucket, the opponent will see an animation where the screen is flooded with water. If you throw an egg at an opponent, the enemy will see the animation of a broken egg. Thus, the developers give players the opportunity to "let off steam" in the event of an offensive cooler and the loss of a huge part of the chips at the table.

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Likes and dislikes

However, this is not all. The actions of this or that player can now be evaluated with the help of like or dislike. In this case, even the player who does not participate in the hand can put an estimate to it. For example, if you didn't like your opponent's donk bet, or if he bluffed desperately and forced you to fold, you can show how you evaluate his action.

EV Cashout

And the last but not the least interesting feature implemented by the GG network team is EV cashout. The opportunity to take money before the players reach the showdown will be available to the poker player in case of an all-in and no less than 60% equity of the hand. This means that if you and someone else shoved after the flop, the cards were revealed and you have 60% or more equity, then you can take the money before the river and thus insure yourself against a bad beat. Naturally, this amount will be less than the amount of the pot, but for many players it will be a kind of a safe net. The feature is available in all cash games.

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