Untitled blog (cash nl100-nl200). Hand of the day #1

4bet pot. 

Ok! Preflop - default. Let's see what will happen next.

Hmm. About 30% of pot. I think I should call here. I have two overcards and backdoors.

Best turn ever! But the opponent goes all-in. WTF. What should I do? Do I have enough equity to call? It doesn't look like a bluff. I should definitely have live outs on straight and flush. Maybe an ace is still good if the opponent has QQ-KK. A really difficult decision. I'm not sure if I have enough equity to make a plus call.


OH! I hit a FLUSH!

Mother of God ...

What are you?

The hand is played against a competent regular. Therefore, I am very surprised by what I saw at the showdown. I was sure that I had less equity. But I received such a gift on New Year's holidays.

Thank you for reading! Goodbye!

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Nice post, but I think it would be better with screenshots in English) Not everyone here will understand

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forrhje user
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sorry for this..  I will improve!

ViktorSyrovackyy user
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Flash )))))


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