Untitled blog (cash nl100-nl200). Hand of the day #2

Single Raise Pot . SB vs BB. BB - regular player.

I want to check the flop because the board is better for the caller. Check - Call ! 

OU! Good turn! This card fits my range. I want to play lead bet. Strain all his flop hits.

BUT but I get a raise. I have a good hand. Your opponent may have a lot of bluffs here.

The world's best river! No draws were closed. And our hand got stronger. Opponent shoves.

What to do?

They represent the polar range. I cannot fold top doper because I am older than some of his value bets. He may have two worse pairs. But Im scared. The line is super non-bluff.

Another gift from a regular. Apparently he decided he had enough value hands here to over-bluff like that.

Thank you for reading! Goodbye!

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