US Poker Room Pays Out Over $900K in Stunning Bad-Beat Jackpot

Rivers Casino paid out $900,000 bad beat jackpot

This week, Pennsylvanians Scott Thompson and Brent Enos learned that sometimes distance pays something off. This "something" was the lion's share of the huge bad-beat jackpot of $905,622.

The jackpot hand was held at Rivers Casino (Pittsburgh, USA). During the low-stakes Hold'em game, the lucky ones made a pot that will be very hard to forget – Thompson's quads of aces and Enos's royal flush collided in the hand.

It is hard to imagine the joy of the players when the dealer announced the Bad Beat Jackpot payout. As a result, prizes were distributed as follows:

  • "Loser" of the hand (Scott Thompson) – $362,250;​
  • Wiiner of the hand (Brent Enos) – $271,686;
  • The other 6 players at the table got $45,281 each.

This jackpot even made it to CBC News Pittsburgh:

Main winners in a jackpot hand for $905,622 in Rivers casino

​It should be noted that the amount of $905,622 is not the largest bad-beat jackpot in the history of Rivers Casino. In August 2022, a US record jackpot of $1,200,000 was awarded here.

If we talk about the absolute record offline, then it belongs to the Canadian poker room Playground Poker Club. In April of this year, several players shared $2,600,000 Canadian dollars payout ($1,900,000).

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