Vault at PokerStars: $1 000 000 total prize pool chests

Vault at PokerStars

PokerStars have launched a new promo called «The Vault», which runs from 10th to 30th August. By playing real money games and earning points at Stars, poker players will receive chests with digits inside. If you manage to arrange them into code and open one of the special chests, then you can win up to $5 000 in one go.

Starting August 10, each Stars Rewards Chest will contain a reward along with a 3-digit combination that can be used to open a Special Chest. Once you break the cipher, you will receive up to $5 000 in cash.

In total, players will have three chests, which they can open with the code: Jack, Queenie, or King Pin. Upon opening all three gifts, Stars users gain access to the Vault that contains big money to be won, namely up to $15 000.

How to register for the Vault promo

One can register for the new PokerStars promo in the Challenges Window. To do this, go to the PokerStars client, and then follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. First, open the «Challenges» section of the client.Challenges at PokerStars
  2. Next, press the «Open» button.Vault at PokerStars
  3. Finally, click on «Start» to become a party of the Vault promo.Chests at PokerStars

How to open Special Chests

Each chest received as a gift will have three numbers of different colors: blue, red, and yellow. To unlock the chests, you will need to use keys (3-digit combinations) of the same color in the following sequence:

  • 2,5,7 – for the red padlock.
  • 6,1,8 – for the blue padlock.
  • 1,9,4 – for the yellow padlock.

How to crack the Vault

The Vault is the main target for the participants of this promo. All players have time until August 30 to crack it. The code consists of nine digits, and if you open the vault, you can get up to $15 000. The amount of money you can win depends on the level of the chests you received during the promotion.

Weekly Master Key

Players will also have an opportunity to win a special key once a week. With it, you can open any gift without entering the code. You can gain the key during the happy hours, that is, a period between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm (UTC) that lasts two hours. PokerStars will additionally inform about the happy hours on social networks and on its official website. A poker player will have to complete a certain task within two hours, after which he will receive the special key.

You will be able to get the key to open one of three Special Chests (in 90% of cases) or the master key to unlock the Vault (in 10% of cases). Good luck to everyone!

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