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Virtue Poker is a new poker room that operates on blockchain. Its launch is expected in the second quarter of 2019. Virtue Poker uses a unique possibility of blockchain technology in combination with P2P-networks in order to provide safe and fair environment for online poker. Poker room’s owners don’t have possibility to influence on RNG and players’ money isn’t stored in a poker room as it is in all other rooms.

All money of the players is stored in their digital Ethereum-wallets and appeared in the poker room only during the play. These two factors indicate that poker room’s owners won’t be able to embezzle money of the players as it happened in FullTilt and other lesser known poker rooms. Also they won’t be able to tamper RNG. Other poker rooms assure that their random number generator also works independently, but in this case the owners won’t be physically able to do it even if they want it.

Main advantages of the poker room:

  • safety and security of player’s money;
  • play for cryptocurrency
  • withdrawal within 30 seconds.

Virtue Poker Progress

In September, 2017 poker room signed a contract with two professional players Dan Colman and Brian Rast and in November Phil Ivey joined them as adviser of Virtue Poker. His experience as a player and owner of training poker resource will help the company to get closer to the players.

In May 2018 Virtue Poker sold 100% of allocated tokens at this stage by attracting 18,5 million dollars in the poker room and launched alpha-testing among the players who bought these tokens.    

In August, 2018 poker room began to use a gambling license and full launch of Virtue Poker gaming platform is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

Poker Room’s Currency

All games in poker room will be held for Virtue Player Points or VPP – special currency inside poker room. You can use it in cash-games or for play in the tournaments.    

Everyone will buy VPIP for the same price. This price will be the final one according to which the selling of tokens will be finished.      

It was created 500 mm VPIP out of which:

  • 20% or 100 mm for selling in a token-market Virtue Poker;
  • 20% or 100 mm are reserved for the second selling of tokens after launching in the network;
  • 20% or 100 mm are put aside as a reserve for using in marketing and business development;
  • 17,2% or 86 mm will be distributed between the founders and team;
  • 18,8% or 94 mm will be distributed between the strategic partners;
  • 4% or 20 mm will be distributed between the advisers;

VPIP can be stored in a smart-contract entitled Justice Registry which let the users to play hands for tokens online in exchange for payment from players (poker room’s rake).

“Justice Pool” consists from limited number of users which take an active part in Virtue Poker. In order to enter the pool of Justice-players, the users should buy (obtain) VPIP and store them in a Justice Registry. They also should switch on “active mode” in order to be placed at the table.

If Justice-player will be caught in cheating, conspiracy or wrong information concerning the hands’ results, his share will be taken off and he will be kicked out of Justice Registry.   

Information about Virtue Poker

It will be definitely possible to play in Virtue Poker on computers Windows and iOS-devices. It still wasn't reported about the possibility to set an app for Android-devices or Mac. 

Hold'em is one of the available games.

It is expected that rake in cash-games will be 3-5%.

Other details about poker room’s operation are not yet available.

It is unknown whether it will be launched in a global market or will be available only in a couple of regions. There is presumption that Virtue Poker will operates only in the American market, however there are no official statements for this fact.

Despite of a number of ambiguities, it can be said that this poker room will provide many new things and will be able to change modern online poker.   

Virtue Poker Promotions and Offers

Poker room hasn’t been launched yet, that’s why it doesn’t carry out promo-actions, but the first players of the poker room have already got a number of bonuses.     

In June 2018, Virtue Poker held a promotion “Piece of Ivey” by raffling 30% of Ivey’s winnings at WSOP this year, and in July they sent 35 players to WSOP 2018 who bought tokens.

Virtue Poker Players Reviews

Feedback about Virtue Poker that operates on blockchain. Its launch was expected in the second quarter of 2019. Expectations, comments about its work and prospects for playing cryptocurrency at Virtue Poker.

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